Chapter 3: Backstage

After about two more songs, the concert was over. Christine, Marie, and Angela walked over to one of the security guys, "We have tickets to go backstage, where do we go?" Marie asked.

The guy led them backstage. He led them to a little place and told them to wait there.

After about three minutes, Tay, Zac, Ike, and Steph walked up to the three girls. Steph stepped off to the side while Tay, Zac, and Ike shook the girls' hands. Marie introduced herself first, "Hello! I'm Marie. I Love you guys!!!"

"Hi, Marie," Tay said. Ike and Zac repeated him.

Christine went next. Still crying, she said, "I'm Christine."

"Are you okay?" Zac asked. Christine shook her head yes.

Angela went next, "Hi, guys! I'm Angela! I love you, Zac!"

"Uh, yeah!" Zac said. "I love you to, man!"

"Can we have your autographs?" Marie asked.

"Sure," Ike replied. "Do you have a marker?"

"Shoot!" Angela exclaimed, "We forgot." Steph walked into a different room, then came back and walked over to Tay.

"Here," she said, handing him a permanent marker. She handed one to Zac and one to Ike also. The girls took out their programs and handed one to each brother.

When the brothers had finally finished signing, Marie walked over to Steph, "So your Steph?" Steph shook her head yes. "Can you sign this too?" Marie asked, handing Steph her program. Steph took the program and Tay gave her a marker. She signed the program. The other girls walked over and she signed their programs too.

"So," Steph asked, "Christine, who's your favorite brother?" "Ike," Christine said, still crying.

Steph walked over to Ike, and he bent down so she could whisper in his ear. "Give her a hug." She instructed.

"Why?" he whispered back in her ear.

"Just do it!" She whispered. She walked back over by Tay, who immediately used her as an armrest. "Hey!" she said, to Tay. "What?" he asked stupidly.

"I'm the only one that's allowed to use people for armrests!" Steph said. He still used her as an armrest, he knew she didn't mind.

Ike finally walked over to Christine. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked. She shook her head yes. He gave her a hug. Shocked, she stopped crying. She just stood there, looking at him.

They stood there talking for about five minutes. "How about we give you our addresses?" Angela suggested, talking to Steph, "Then we can be pen pals."

"Sure," Steph said, "Sounds cool to me." Angela opened her backpack and took out a notebook. Steph handed her the marker. Marie, Angela, and Christine each wrote their addresses on the piece of paper and then they handed it to Steph.

Steph wrote down an address. She ripped off the piece of paper and handed it to Angela, "You all can send letters for me to this address." "Okay," Angela said.

Suddenly, a guy walked in, "Okay, it's time to leave." Christine started crying again. Ike gave her another hug, then they all walked away.

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