Chapter 2: The Concert

Marie, Christine, and Angela stood in a huge crowd in front of the merchandise stand. There was a bunch of other girls that were all pushing and shoving, just to get some merchandise.

Finally, they made it to the counter. Marie bought a huge poster, a shirt, and a program. Christine bought two shirts, a key chain, a pin, and a program. Angela, having the most money, bought four shirts, a program, six pins, a set of stickers, two key chains, and two huge posters.

They pushed their way out of the crowd and put everything except one shirt each and the posters into their backpacks. They put on the shirts that they didn't put in their bags and then took their seats.

"I can't believe we're here!" Marie exclaimed.

"Who's the opening band?" Angela asked.

"I don't know." Christine and Marie replied simultaneously. Suddenly, four guys ran out onto the stage and started to sing. "They're cool!" Christine exclaimed.

When the band finished the song, one of them introduced the band, "Hello, everyone," the man said, "we're Admiral Twin and we're here to open for Hanson." Everyone at the concert screamed.

After the band performed four songs, Aerosmith music was played while the clean up crew cleaned the stage and Hanson got ready to go on.

After twenty minutes of waiting in anticipation and screaming, "We want Hanson," they finally came out. They went to their instruments and started to sing and play. Everyone was screaming!

Once they finished the first song, Tay introduced them, "Hello, everyone. You're at a Hanson concert and there is only one rule. You must have fun. You cannot stand still."

Christine, Angela, and Marie stood up. "I love you, Isaac!!!" Christine screamed.

Isaac looked around and smiled right at Christine. She started crying and sat down. The guys started to perform the next song, "Thinking Of You."

About halfway through the concert, Tay, Zac, and Ike stopped the music. "Okay," Tay said, "As you all may know, I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Steph. I've been getting asked a lot of question about her, so, for the first time, she's going to perform with us. Here she is." A young girl, that matched Tay's description on the first interview ran out onto the stage.

Everyone started screaming. Only two girls booed. They were standing right behind Marie, Christine, and Angela. "I was expecting more boos," Angela commented.

"Hi, everyone," the girl said, "As Tay said, I'm Steph, and here's a song that you all should know. Here's MMMBop!"

They started to sing and perform. Steph had her own solo.

Hanson finished the rest of the concert with Steph just sitting by Tay, and sometimes helping out on keyboards.

For one song, Ike took over on the keyboards and did a solo. The song was called "More Than Anything" and it made Christine cry hysterically. It was a beautiful song, very romantic.

A few songs later, Tay took over on drums, Ike still did guitar, Steph did keyboards, and Zac used mini maracas.

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