Chapter 10


Steph rang the doorbell to Heather's house. No one answered. "Are you sure she's home?" Zac asked, worried.

"She's home," Steph said. "She's probably got her radio blasting." Steph opened the door and walked in. Immediately, she heard the song "Full Circle" blasting from up stairs.

"What are you doing?" Tay gasped.

"Heather's not gonna care, believe me." She led Tay, Zac, and Ike inside and told them to stay in the living room, then she ran up the stairs. She turned toward Heather's room. The door was wide open.

Steph ran in. Heather screamed at the top of her lungs. "What the...." Steph giggled. Heather's room was more of a mess than the last time she saw it. There were more Hanson poster on the walls, and the floor was covered with magazine articles and Hanson pictures.

"Come here," Steph whispered excitedly.

"What?" Heather asked, scared as she made her way over to her stereo and turned the volume down. "I want you to meet one of my best friends."

"Who?" Heather asked.

"No one special, just follow me." Steph grabbed Heather by the arm and dragged her down the stairs into the living room. Heather looked around. Tay and Ike were sitting on her couch!! They smiled at her. She smiled back, shocked. "Where's Zac?" Steph asked.

"He had to pee," Ike replied. "He went searching for a bathroom."

Steph rolled her eyes, "That boy must have a bladder the size of his brain!"

"That's not very big," Ike said.

"You're telling me," Steph joked. Still in shock, Heather finally managed to move a step toward the brothers, which she was concerned were only in a dream.

"I fell asleep," she thought to herself. She spoke up, "Steph, before I don anything stupid, slap me!" Suddenly, Zac came falling down the stairs, knocking Heather over. "Don't Slap me!" She yelled.

Zac stood up. "Where the hell is your bathroom?" he asked. Heather pointed.

"It's right there," she choked out. She turned to face Steph, but Steph was gone. "This is just a dream," Heather thought. Then, Steph popped out of the kitchen.

"Where are the damn Twinkies," Steph asked.

"I'm not dreaming, am I?" Heather questioned, still in a state of shock.

"Heather," Steph scolded, "Let it go! You're not freakin' dreaming.

Tay, Zac, and Ike Hanson are in your house, and they don't really want to hear about you thinking your dreaming." Heather looked at Tay and Ike, who had turned on the TV and made themselves at home in her living room. Steph went back into the kitchen.

Finally, Zac ran down the stairs, knocking Heather over again. "You're really clumsy," Heather said. Zac blushed lightly.

Steph ran out of the kitchen, carrying a box of Yodels and a box of Twinkies, then she ran over and sat by Tay. Zac and Heather slowly followed. They sat down on the other couch, at opposite ends. "By the way," Steph said, "Tay, Zac, Ike, that's Heather, Heather..."

Heather interrupted, "I know." They all said hi to each other.

After sitting n silence for a few minutes, Ike couldn't handle it anymore. "Let's play truth or dare," he suggested. They all looked at each other. Then, they all agreed. "I'll go first," Ike volunteered. He looked around. "Tay."

A scared look fell on Tay's face. "Truth."

"Okay," Ike agreed. "How far do you want to go with Steph?"

Tay looked around, "That's stupid!"

"How far?" Ike repeated, looking expectantly at his brother.

"All the way," Tay replied. "Stupid." Ike shook his head, accepting his brothers answer. Tay looked at every person. "Zac."

Zac took a deep breath, "Dare."

"I dare you to lick Heather's shoe."

"I'm not wearing shoes," Heather commented, lifting her foot so everyone could see it.

"Okay," Tay said, "then, I dare you to lick Steph's shoe."

"The right or the left?" Zac questioned.

"The right," Tay replied. Zac rolled his eyes then looked at Steph. He walked over to her and lifted up her right foot. He stuck out his tongue and licked the bottom of her shoe. He made a disgusted face, then they all started laughing.

"Taste just like chicken," Zac joked. He looked around. "Steph." "Uh...Dare," Steph said bravely.

Zac looked around the room evilly. "I dare you to," he began. "I dare you to...I dare you to kiss Tay's knee!" A confused look fell on everyone's face.

"Kiss his knee?" Steph questioned. Zac shook his head yes. Tay rolled up his pants. And Steph kissed his knee. Tay rolled his pant leg bag down and Steph picked the next victim. "Heather."


Steph looked around, "I dare you to kiss Zac on the lips." Heather rolled her eyes. Zac turned to face Heather and she laid a kiss on his lips. They both blushed as Steph, Tay, and Ike lightly giggled. Heather looked at Steph and smiled, half happy, half embarrassed. She picked the next victim, "Taylor."

Not totally sure of how perverted Heather was, Tay decided to be brave and show off for his girlfriend, "Dare."

An evil smiled appeared on Heather's face. Steph's blood ran cold, she knew exactly how perverted Heather was. "I dare you to cut your rattail."

Tay hesitated, "Go get me some scissors." Heather evilly smiled, then ran to the kitchen.

She came back a few seconds later and ran over to Tay, handing him the scissors. He looked at Steph. She gave him a unsure smile. He giggled at his own thoughts, then cut off about an inch of the rattail, right under the rubber band. Everyone's jaw dropped. "When did you get so daring??" Zac questioned, still shocked.

Tay locked at Steph, who look like she was about to faint and smiled at her. "Okay," Tay continued. "Ike."

Everyone came out of their trance. Ike answered, "Truth." Steph picked up Tay's rattail and she ran her hand over it. The rubber band fell out. She looked at Heather.

"Do you have any rubber bands?"

Heather shook her head yes, "They're in my room by my TV." Steph jumped up and ran up to Heather's room.

"Okay, Ike," Tay continued the game without hesitation. "What would you do to get Steph in bed with you?" Everyone looked shocked, again.

Ike looked at all of them, "Honestly?" They all stared and shook their heads yes. "For health purposes, I have no comment."

"You have to answer," Heather said evilly. Finally, Steph ran down the stairs. Carrying a rubber band. She sat down by Tay and looked at everyone. "What's going on?" She asked, a little scared.

Ike finally answered, "Kill Tay." Everyone looked at him and laughed.

"Desperate, Ike?" Zac asked. Ike shook hi head no. Everyone except Steph laughed.

"Kill Tay for what?" She asked, confused and scared. "Don't kill Tay! He's my TayBear!"

Heather explained, "Ike would kill Tay to sleep with you!!" Steph and Ike both blushed. Neither of them saying a word.

After a minute, Ike started the game again, "Heather."

She paused, "Truth!"

Ike looked at everyone, "How far would you go to get with Zac?"

Heather blushed, "Oh boy! What's the limit?"

Ike looked at Heather, "Killing you grandfather." Everyone looked at Heather quizzically, except Zac who was starring at the floor, blushing. Heather replied, "I wouldn't kill my grandfather, but I'd kill you, and my mom, and Steph, and Tay, and, uh, my sisters..."

"Okay," Ike interrupted.

Heather started again, "Steph."

Steph took a deep breath. "Dare."

"I dare you to French Ike for 3 minutes."

Steph looked at Tay, then Ike, then Heather, "I can't do that!"

Tay looked at Steph, "Go ahead. It's only 3 minutes." Steph could tears Tay's eyes. Steph began to lean over Tay toward Ike. Right as her lips touched Ike's, Tay jumped up and ran up to the bathroom. Steph, feeling guilty, ran up after him. She banged on the door.

"Tay, let me in!" She screamed. He didn't say anything. Her voice got louder, "Tay, let me the fuck in!!!" Tay slowly opened the door. He sat back down on against the door, once she walked in. She stood in front of him, looking down pathetically. She sat down facing him. "Tay, I didn't do it."

Tay looked at her, his eyes filled with tears that were pounding to come out. "Why not?"

Steph looked at him, her eyes filling with tears also. "Because, I love you, Tay."

Really?" he questioned.

"You know I do," she said, a tears streaming down both their faces. She sat next to him, leaning against the door. "You're a pussy, Tay, ya know that?"

He let out a soft giggle. "Why now?"

"Any other guy would have just punched Ike.

"He's my brother and those guys are overprotective assholes," he commented. "I love you more than they ever could." Steph smiled. They turned to each other and kissed each other.

As they kissed, Tay slid his hand up Steph's tiny baby tee. Suddenly, Heather pounded on the bathroom door. "Rent a room," she screamed. Tay and Steph looked at each other and giggled. They stood up and Steph opened the door. Heather stood there, then continued instigating, "My sister's room is right there." She pointed off to the right toward her younger sister's room and smiled evilly.

Steph and Tay looked at each other, smiled, then walked as if they were going to go into the room, then stopped and followed Heather back down the stairs.

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