Hanson Appearances

Nov 2~ 9pm (EST) - Hanson "Yahoo Chat" read more about it here, Yahoo!

Nov 3~ Hanson will release their "Live" album from the Albertane Tour.

Nov 4~ Nickelodeon 8pm - Nickel-O-Zone.

Nov 7~ The Family Channel (FAM) 7pm - Hanson: The Road to Albertane: performance by the music group Hanson includes behind-the-scenes footage.

Nov 9~ CBS 11:30pm - David Letterman.

Nov 10~ Hanson will release "The Road To Albertane" video.

Nov 10~ (Syndicated) Rosie O'Donnell - check local listings for time and channel in your area.

Nov 10~ 8pm (EST) - "Yahoo Chat" Yahoo!

Nov 11~ NBC - Howie Mandel Show

Nov 17~Isaac's 18th Birthday!

Nov 20~ Family Channel, 4:30 p.m.--rerun Hanson:Road To Albertane

Nov 20~CBS 9pm - Buddy Faro

Nov 24~ Jack Frost Soundtrack released, featuring three songs from Hanson. ("Gimme Some Lovin'," 'Merry Christmas baby," "Good Lovin' ")

Dec 7~ Billboard Awards from Las Vegas - Hanson to present

Dec 18~ Jack Frost Movie, featuring three songs from Hanson.

Dec 21~ FOX 8pm - Melrose Place (taped 10/22)

Dec~ Watch for a Hanson appearance on "Space Ghost Coast To Coast" on the cartoon network.

Jan 11~ 1999 ABC 8pm - 26th annual American Music Awards.

Summer 1999~ Release of a new album!!!

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