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There are many of us who are trying to solve the mystery of which Parker family we descend, my being one. On March 30, I received notification from a cousin, John Stewart, of the San Francisco area, that my Lucretia, for whom I have been searching over ten years, was indeed Lucretia Parker, daughter of Drury/Drewery Parker and Elizabeth Barham. I wish to thank Wayne Dunn for providing me information about this family last June 1997 and to Stephen Lawson, sleuth that he is, for his searching this past week. Looking back at wills from Surry and Sussex Counties, VA, I find some clues which may help many of us. Extracted from WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS OF SURRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA: 1671-1750 by Eliza Timberlake Davis, 1955, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1980: PARKER, Richard: Est.-Judith Parker, Relict, admrx. 1677. Book 2, p. 141 PARKER, Judith: Est.-25 March, 1682. "Half her thirds is dew to Richard Parker, orphant". Signed: Benj. Harrison, Wm. Simmons. Book 2, p. 307 PARKER, Judah: Est.-William Hunt asked the Court for right to administer on the estate of Judah Parker, late of the Colony, who died and left an Est. 1 July, 1679. Thos. Pittman, Wm. Carpinter, Wm. Nance. Book 2, p. 218. There is some speculation that this Judith Parker was Judith Hunt, who married Richard Parker I. If this is the Dr. Richard Parker, who first married Elizabeth Bailey, then this is probably his third wife. Since Judith received only 1/3 of the estate, it is possible that Richard Parker I has more children. He could have had other children named Richard. But notice that this orphan is also named Richard. PARKER, Richard: Leg.-Daughters, Ann Phillips, Faith Hunt, Judith Clements, Hannah Sisson. Son, Richard Parker, grandson, Frederick Parker, son, William Parker. Benjamin Clements, husband of Judith Clements. Wife, Mary Parker. Son, William Exer. 3 April 1744. Prob.: 19 Feb 1750. Wit: Elizabeth, Jr., Elizabeth Jones, Robert Jones, Jr., Book 9, p. 680 The wife Mary would be either Mary Jones or Beal. I guess the reason for the speculation is the fact that the Joneses were witnesses. Perhaps Mary had been a Jones, marrying a Beal before she married Richard Parker II. Another possibility is that these Joneses were her children by previous marriage. The children of Richard Parker II and Mary Beal were (1) Richard Parker III; (2) Ann Parker; (3) Drury Parker, who married first, Judith Edmonds second, Lucy J. and third, Phillis Edmonds; (4) Faith Parker; (5) Hannah Parker; (6) William Parker. It would appear that all the children were not mentioned in the will, if these names of children are correct. Sometimes, the reason different ones are not mentioned is that they have already received "their fair share of the estate." PARKER, Richard, Jr.: Leg.-To son, Richard Parker, the Plantation where I live with 950 acres thereto belonging, provided that if child in esse be a male, he will return to said child 350 acres of the Indian land on Reedy Branch, also to Richard parker three negroes, pewter plates, horse & saddle, when 18 years old. To son, Thomas Parker, three negroes, horse and saddle, livestock, etc. when 18 years old to son, Peter Parker, a tract of land in North Carolina, in North Hampton County, purchased of Joseph Riggon, deceased, date, 1742/43, 260 acres, and two negroes, pewter, live stock etc. when 18 years old. To son, William, a tract of land in Brunswick County, 350 acres, on Little Creek, said land purchased of Wm. Smith, deed date 1737, also stock etc. To daughters, Martha, Mary, and Ann bequests of negroes, furniture etc. To son, Drury Parker, one negro. To son, Frederick Parker, one negro. Wife. Exerx. 27 Jan 1750/1. Prob.: 16 Apr 1751. Wit: Geo. Hamilton, Samuel Peete, Wm. Parker. Book 9, p. 689. In the lineage chart provided by Wayne Dunn, the children of Richard Parker III, b. @ 1692 in Surry Co, VA, died 1751 in Surry Co, VA and his wife Judith Wyche, supposedly the widow of William Wyche, who died 16 Feb 1730/31 were (1) Drury Parker, b. 1723 in Surry Co, VA, d. 1788 in Surry Co, VA; (2) Richard Parker IV; (3) Thomas Parker; (4) Peter Parker; (5) William Parker, b. @ 1730. Children of Richard Parker III and his wife Sarah Jarrell were Sarah Parker and Martha Parker. My ancestor was the Drury Parker, mentioned in above will, b. 1723 in Surry Co, VA; died 1788 in Surry County. He married first, Elizabeth Barham, @ 1750. Elizabeth died 1769. Children of Drury and Elizabeth Barham were (1) Edwin Parker; (2) Howell Parker, b. 5 May 1757; married Elizabeth Loftin; (3) Richard Parker, b. @1750 in Surry Co, VA; d. 1832 in NC; m. Mary Harris, @ 1784; (4) William Parker, b. 1752 in Surry Co, VA; d. 1815 in Montgomery Co, NC; m. Jane (Mary) Garrot; (5) Sarah "Lukey" Parker, m. Moses Loftin; (6) Frederick Parker, m. Temperance Williamson; (7) LUCY/LUCRETIA PARKER, my ancestor; m. JOHN STUART/STEWART @ 1774, Surry Co, VA (maybe Brunswick Co, VA–no marriage bond has been found); (8) Patty Parker. Drury Parker's second wife was Mildred Clanton and their children were (1) Polley Parker; (2) Nanny Parker; (3) Tempery Parker; (4) Judith Parker; (5) Betsy Parker; (6) Matthew Parker; (7) Thomas Parker; (8) Susannah. Lucretia Parker and John Stuart/Steward's children were William Steward, b. 1775, my ancestor who moved to Greene Co, GA, where he married Elizabeth Parker, daughter of Cader Parker; Elizabeth who married Gray Gilliam; Frederick P. Stuart who married Cassandra Jones and moved to Logan County, KY; and David, who died as a small boy. John Steward died in 1789 and Lucretia Parker Steward had a marriage bond to marry James Spain/Spann in 1790, but I cannot confirm whether marriage occurred or not. Again, thanks to Wayne Dunn and Stephen Lawson for providing much of this information.