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The Bad Place

The Bad Place

Welcome to My home page. I am Dante, Oni, Muddy, or just Matt.
This is my World

( Warning: Graphic Intensive. May take a Moment to load. Also, this site has not been updated for a very...very... long time, but that may soon change.)

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Click here for a couple pictures of me...

Click here for a couple pictures
of my friends and I that I used my Dark Jedi powers to alter
::Evil Villain Laugh::

Click here to see my Super Hero 'Tempest' from Travis' Champions game.

Click here for my quotes page...

Click here to read "A Story of Higeki"
A story I wrote based on the game Legend of the Five Rings

Click here for the Oni No Go Theme Song!!!
You can thank Oni No Blondie and Oni no Go (His car) for inspiring this one.

The Oni No Blondie Itself...

Click here for my virtual shrine to one of my favorite anime characters...
The Sexy and Ravishing if not a bit bubble-headed Dota!!

Click here for my short story "OUT OF ORDER"

Click here for the L5R Cards I made of our RPG characters

Click here for the rules I wrote for machineguns in AD&D

My life lies not in the real world, but here...

My friends:

Travis' Page - He is the OTHER Game Master.

Sarah's Page - She plays Jen, my evil female clone from down-under in Travis' Masque game.

Jodie's Home Page - She's a new player. I can't really say anything bad about her, she's a black belt.

Art's Home Page - Well, I'd have to say Art is my most divoted follower yet.
Yes, there is a reason we call him "Cat Boy"
(Click here and you'll know why!!)

Sandy's Home Page - After we rubbed lotion all over each other we were bound to be friends...

Sean's Page - Also known as the land of the Mini-Maxing FREAK!!!
Click here to get in touch with the Fitzgerald AD&D lawfirm

SteelClaw's Page - Click here for a hot & steamy good time,
of course first you need to get past Kodiak... Good luck.

Gnomes Page - Dave's other hell. (Besides "Rendezvous")

My beautiful and brilliant little sister Katie.
Who I love with all my heart


Disputably the most widely acclaimed heavy metal band to ever play, and certainly one of the most loved.
My personal favorites are on the last three albums. (Metallica, Load, and ReLoad)

THE German, Industrial band. These guys have a great sound and have been featured on a ton of awsome sountracks

Bad Religion
An awsome band with more than a great sound...

Rob Zombie
Hard driving, fist pounding, Dark & Gothic Music. I usually drive to it...

White Zombie
Rob's old band, the only CD I really have/like is Astrocreep 2000,
but that's awsome enough for it's own link.

Stevie Ray Vaughn
The greatest white Blues man to ever live, and like all the greats was taken from us too soon...

The Man, Wierd Al. The top of the music parody world.
I love this guy, DARE TO BE STUPID!!

Muddy Waters
The King of the Electric Blues

Chuck Berry
One of the great founders of Rock`n`Roll

Role Playing Games I Like:

Ledgend of the Five Rings (L5R)
The only thing cooler than this game...
is it's storyline

White Wolf Games Home Page - I am a big fan of the World of Darkness

The Vampire: The Masqurade FAQ
More Commonly called "Jason's Rant", Where the head of the VTM RPG
spouts off about all the BS and asinine questions asked of him...

TSR - Basically the founders of gaming.
They made Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) the most famous RPG ever.
We also play their Marvel SuperHeroes Game (Now out of print pending rewrite)
(And if you can tell me what TSR stands for you deserve a cookie.)

A GREAT fan page. Basically the world of L5R taken to modern day,
hey where else can you get magic stuff for cheep?

Palladium - Rifts is one of my all time favorite games.
The Coalition must fall !!!

FASA - I play ShadowRun and MechWarrior

R.Talsorian Games - Mostly Anime based RPGs and of corse 'CyberPunk'
Dont forget T.F.O.S.!!! ::Grin:: (Unfortunayly out of business)

In Nomine - A great game about the eternal war of Heaven (Angels) and Hell (Demons).
Yes, you can play as either side.

*> GENCON <*
This is it folks, the gamers Mecca. -The Convention-

Furry Muck - Well it's not A real "Role Playing Game",
but it's cool. And I guess in character chating is close...

Some great "Last Words" in gaming...

A funny site for Rifts and gameing in general...
Includeing a "Gaming Purity Test"

West End Games - Makers of the Star Wars RPG (Unfortunately also out of business)

Chessex - Makers of fine quality dice, miniatures, and so forth.
I have already turned to the most profound and powerful section on their site for your convinance...

Subscribe to The Other Side of Gotham Rpg
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Oni No Anime
My baby, the club I started here at Ferris State.
This Temporary Web site was made by Val with my great apreaciation.

Oni No Anime on

The Anime Web Turnpike.
If it has anything to do with anime and you can't find it here...
There's something seriously wrong.

Right Stuf International
A great company, They have the best catalog of anime on the market that I have seen.
The only thing I have bought through a catalog I got here, and I have to say I was impressed.
Plus, they have been a great help with the club (ONA2)

A.D.Vision Films - An Anime Importer. Great Stuff!
(Like Neon Genisis Evangeleon & Battle Angel)

Otaku No Anime - Translates to "Obsessed Fan of Animation".
The anime club at Grand Valley.
Our unoffical sister club

The Japanimate Consortium - This is one of the top Anime retailer in the Michigan area and possably the country. They give 20% off most of thier stuff, and they go out of their way to help clubs and fans. ( The guys who run this are really cool, and they do it because they love it. End of story) I highly recomend that you check them out.

A list of 100 Japanese words found commonly in anime, and their english meanings.

Meet Ryo-Ohki... She's a cabbit.

Misc. Links I Think Are Cool:

The Greatest superhero movie of 1999!
Super Hero UnderDogs! They're not your usual super hero... They're the other guys...

Space, The final frontier...
These are the voyages of the starship "Enterprise". Who's on going mission to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

You don't understand the POWER of the Dark Side!!

The greatest Marvel Comics hero ever created. An awsome powerhouse able to stand toe to toe with The Juggernaught, the Hulk, and even Superman.
A lethal force for the protection of the innocent, or in a word...


The PowerPuff Girls!
A cool and funny new animated superhero show about some super kindergarden girls who
are always on call to fight crime. ( At least before bedtime...)
Buttercup is the shit...

Ohh Momma. All you foxy chicks better watch out, cause ol' Johnny Bravo is on the loose...

Some really cool stickers, Tee Shirts, and Pins for those people who find so much pleasure
in upsetting the more conservative people of the world. ::Evil Grin::

What did you just say!?!? Translate any site into funny dialects. From Redneck to Swedish Chef!!

Ever write a paper and need to know how to cite a source and have to dig out a book to look up the proper format? Well forget that!! Click this link and copy/paste baby!!
How to cite something in a bibliography.

A really nice virtual English/Japanese dictionary!! Hey, you might not think it would come in handy, but you never know when you may need to spout off a cool anime battle cry!!

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