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WebTV Chat Instructions

WebTV Info:
1. Go to Community (On Home Page, left side)
2. Go to: On Line Chat
3. Once your in On Line Chat, look to the left side, and go to: GO TO
4. Your now at questions:
Server =
Port = 6667
Room = kwvets
5. Then Join (left hand side choice) Your In :)

To Save As a Favorite

1. When you are at KWVets room, hit the Option Key.
2. Then Highlight & Hit - Save
3. Check off by the return key, which folder you want KWVets to be saved in, then hightlight continue, hit return.
4. The KWVets Chat Room is now in your favorite folder you saved it in & you can access chat from there quickly.


Q. How do I go directly to a chat site if I already know the address?
A. If you know the server and the port number of a chat site, you can access it directly:

1.Choose Community from your Home page
2.Choose Chat
3.Choose Go to
4.In the space provided, type the server address and the port number : port 6667 #KWVets

If you know the name of the room you wish to visit, you can type this in the third box.
The full instructions for webtv chat can be found at: