The Online Tour of Old Time Radio in Ontario, Canada

So... you're a fan of OTR and you live in Ontario...There aren't that many places to visit and things to see here, are there? Are you envious of all our friends across the border that have clubs, conventions, and suppliers galore?? Don't be anymore... Ontario is good for a few things aswell, contrary to what you may think! Follow along with me for a tour of great OTR sites (both on the web and in real life) that you should check out!

Vintage Radio Clubs in the Province


The Ottawa Vintage Radio Club Webpage

The Ottawa Vintage Radio Club (OVRC) is an association of hobbyists, collector and historians interested in radio and electronics. The OVRC, which meets in the National Capital Area, emphasizes the history of radio in Canada. Membership is open to all. Member interests range from very early turn-of-the-century wireless equipment to transistor sets of the 1950s, and include associated fields, such as vintage audio, test equipment and electronics. OVRC is an all-volunteer organization which provides a forum for radio enthusiasts to meet and discuss common Interests, organize trips to radio events elsewhere in North America, share information and expertise, and provide assistance to newcomers to the field. A quarterly newsletter is published to keep members up-to-date on club news, present a wide variety of articles prepared by members and provide free classified ads and news on radio events in eastern North America. Monthly meetings normally include a flea market for radios and parts, prepared presentations by members on topics of interest, tutorials on restoration, "show and tell" sessions and auctions of member and donated equipment. Perhaps the most important function of the club is to provide a congenial, informal atmosphere where members can meet to discuss common interests, be brought up-to-date on what is happening in the hobby and make new friends.


The London Vintage Radio Club Webpage

The Londong Vintage Radio Club is an excellent place to collect and fin Old radios. With flea markets, meetings, and special dates, it's a fantastic place to gather and talk old radios. For more information, like dates, newsletters, application forms, annual dues etc, check out the website at the above link.

The Old Time Radio Shows Collectors Association, Sudbury, Ontario

ORCA Membership Blank

The Old-Time Radio-Show Collectors Association (O.R.C.A.) was founded in 1978 by Reg Hubert and Frank Parrick to promote the widest possible use of Old-Time Radio Shows (OTR) at the lowest possible cost. Since the five original members living in Sudbury, O.R.C.A. has grown to an international scope. The establishment of O.R.C.A. in England operated under member Barry Hill has helped us to achieve one of our original goals which was to set up local O.R.C.A. clubs where membership interest and numbers make it viable. O.R.C.A. also has a library in the U.S.A.The become a member of O.R.C.A. there is a one time joiners fee of $3.00. Our annual renewal fee is $12.00 per year. Please note that our fiscal year goes from March 1st to February 28th, therefore anyone that joins us after March 1st, will be required to send $3.00 plus $1.00 per month until the folowing March 1st. Anyone joining after October please send your renewal fee for the following year as well.

Our current library rates are as follows:

C-60's - 50 cents each C-90's - 60 cents each C-120's - 75 cents each Reel-to-Reel - $2.00 each

The minimum order for C-60's is 4 and you must order in multiples of 4 not exceeding 12 tapes. The minimum order for C-90's is 4. The minimum order for C-120's is 4 and it must not exceed 8 tapes. The minimum order for Reel to Reel is 2 and the maximum is 6. Members can use them for up to 3 weeks and tapes must be returned before another order can be placed. The member is responsible for return postage.

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OTR Related Museums & Festivals


The HMR Website

The Hammond Museum of Radio got its start when museum founder Fred Hammond began collecting early radio and wireless artifacts at the age of 16. The first public display of his collection was in a small building at the rear of his College Street home that originally housed his ham station. This photo was taken about 1960. When in the early '70s, Hammond Manufacturing Company built a new plant on Guelph's Curtis Road, Fred made sure a 4,000 square foot area was reserved to house the 'Hammond Museum of Radio'. In 1999, shortly before Fred's passing, a complete new facility at the Hammond Manufacturing Company's new expansion at the South Transformer Plant became the current home for the Museum.


The Royal Canadian Big Band Music Festival

The RCBBMF Website

In Tribute to Guy Lombardo and the Dance Band Era London Ontario Canada, The Home of Guy Lombardo This event takes places during late June - Early July every year. Special 2000 Prelude events start February and go until May. Great Highlights this year include: Dances at 2 4 p.m. and are admission free at Cherryhill Village Mall, 301 Oxford St. West in the Centre Court. The mall will also host an exhibit showcasing the career of Guy Lombardo and the musical history of the big band era. Saturday June 24 - Gord Cooper Orchestra Sunday June 25 - Ian Robinson Quartet Monday June 26 - Charles Rallo Quartet Tuesday June 27 - Sandy MacKay Quartet Wednesday June 28 - Rick Elliott in tribute to Elvis Thursday June 29 - Dingman Creek Country Band Friday June 30 - Johnny Noubarian Trio Saturday July 1 - The Music Makers Sunday. July 2 - The Academy Brass... AND Encore events all the way through to December!! Its always a lot of fun... Come join us!

Guy & Al

The Guy Lombardo Museum in London, Ontario

The Guy Lombardo Museum: Although it is a place of literally no size, it truly does do the Canadian performer justice. It is a one room museum with a spectacular account of Lombardo's life and music in the golden age. With the opportunity of hearing rare music, or watching never before released film clips of concerts, it is a must see for any fan. Contact the museum at (519) 473 - 9003 for more information.


205 Wonderland Road South

London Ontario


Some Guy Lombardo Web Links include:

Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadianse

Lombardo's Short Biography

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