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Freedom to act according to one's judgement.
For me, this means many things. The freedom to make mistakes. The freedom from dogmatic rules of behaviour. The right to trust my own judgement. Freedom, pure and simple, from check and hinderance. This has been both the motivation for my writing, and the reason, perhaps, for its slow development.

I write to express my thoughts and ideas. It is the one area of my life where I am answerable to no-one. No-one tells me what to write, or how to write, or when to write. It is an exercise in pure freedom.

It is only when I tell people I want to write, or that I am writing a novel or story, that this falls apart. Then I get the "How's the novel coming along?" and the "I like it, but..." and the "It's great, when's it going to be finished?" As soon as I share my future with someone, it ceases to be wholly my future. So the stories and poems I will add to this page were written in my past.

Here's a poem inspired by the life of a close friend.

The Faye Princess

I met a lady of fear and fire,
Who stole my heart by giving it back,
And made the pleasing plague steal on me,
The Faye Princess with the burning eyes.

The power of her hesitant smile,
The appeal of her furious glare,
The courage of her troubled frown,
The Faye Princess with the burning eyes.

Gaia's daughter in Man's tender care,
She stands alone, backbone of solid pride,
She doth teach the torches to burn bright,
The Faye Princess with the burning eyes.

The strength to fight born of firm belief
That there is good news yet to be heard,
Some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours,
The Faye Princess with the burning eyes.

So much of ours, kind fate denies her,
The rest stretches to infinity.
My foremost fear, she loves herself last,
The Faye Princess with the burning eyes.

First to name all five literary references gets a prize :)

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