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The Talker World

Democracy is not about the freedom of speech, it is about the freedom of discussion.

Voting is not the essence of democracy, it is merely the end product. The essence of the democratic process is the free discussion of ideas. The Internet as a whole is generating this discussion, with Telnet and IRC the most immediate, vital mechanisms. At present subjects are frequently trivial, but the worldwide baseline of political thought is being shaped by these billions of discussions every week.

Politicians in the new Millenium will not use the papers to tell them what to say they believe in. They will have their staff monitor news and discussion groups, and lurk on Telnet and IRC channels. What is more, everyone will find a voice and a place to use it. There may come a time when people will live in virtual nations where they agree with all the laws, and emigration will be the true democracy, changing your nationality to suit your politics at the click of a button.

Page last modified: 27th October 1997