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Being discreet in one's speech, keeping secrets.

In the LRP hobby I usually play scouts. For the most part, nowadays, this means I am playing the Gathering Character, Sordelan the Scout. Sordelan is currently Grand Master of the Association of Scouts, otherwise known as the Scouts' Guild. This role involves me in the keeping of many secrets, and the discovery of many more. Knowing what to say to whom is a difficult art, and one I am still learning.

The word has a wider meaning, however. Gossip is, to me, wholly unpleasant. Personal privacy is important, and I want to be in control of who knows about my personal life. I consider people who discuss the private lives of others in their absence, and without their permission, beneath contempt. The same goes for those who draw others into their dislike of an individual with a targetted bitching session. I am by no means perfect, but I try to avoid these activities whenever possible.

The apparent contradiction between these two paragraphs disappears when you consider that the latter refers to private lives, and the former to public politics and business dealings (all be it in a fantasy world).

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