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An Elmo picture I made.

"You never know how much you appreciate something until you don't have it anymore."
My motto for 1998.

This photo was taken earlier this year (1998) in Adelaide.

How good do these look??!! Can't wait until Scream 3 comes out!

Another animation I have made.

Hello, my name is Steve. I'm 17, and this is my first homepage where I have used HTML! It will probably look crap, but I'm just learning. I live in Canberra, Australia at the

I'm on scholarhship here for basketball.

If you want to see a REALLY bad homepage, you can visit my other homepage, which I made before this one.

2 little Michael Jordan animations I have made. I'm quite proud of them!

As you could probably tell from where I live, I LOVE basketball. My favourite team is the best team ever, the

And my favourite player also happens to be the best player ever to play the game, and that is

Michael Jordan.

I met him in 1996 for the Gatorade 3 on 3 competition that was held over here in So if you have any or are just interested in e-mailing me, click on the animation (right).  

My favourite style of music is rap, and I also like some dance music, usually to get me hyped up before a game, or to listen to when I'm feeling hyperactive, which happens often!

Well, I had best be going, and submit this bad homepage. Tee hee. Feel free to e-mail me and visit my other homepage! And if you wouldn't mind, please sign my guestbook and if you REALLY want to, you can look at and post a message at my boardroom. Thanks.

If you'd like to buy the highest quality workmanship in your Asian furniture, you must know the place that the piece was built and what raw materials were utilized. For example, Japanese furniture is usually made from reclaimed wood and crafted in Japan, however occasionally in other Asian countries. Look at a number of antique dining tables for instance, which might work perfectly with an antique china hutch. Don't they look a whole lot nicer with each other? They have lasted more than a lifetime and can be passed on as treasures to the following generation. When you're thinking of home interior decorating ideas, you need to know the way to invest wisely: select high quality pieces which will be around forever.

Getting the top benefits for your budget is not merely a technique employed when purchasing home furniture, but one that is beneficial while shopping for other decorations as well, for example your bathroom interiors. When you have an attractive style for your bathroom, your time spent in there will certainly be substantially more enjoyable and comfortable. However, lots of people will always keep to their budget, which unfortunately is normally a wise plan. If you wish to start out small with great results, why don't you start out with modifying your bathroom's light fixture parts? Purchase some energy-saving bulbs and ensure that every corner is well-lighted. This makes the lavatory look considerably larger and a good deal more spacious than it is.

A second excellent example is making use of similar strategies when purchasing Kitchenaid mixer attachments. Literally, just simply by having this kind of kitchenware, you could already save around $150 due to the adaptability, functionality and time efficiency it provides you as you cook pasta, noodles, or even complex Chinese recipes. The caliber of food it produces for you and for the people you create for can drastically improve. You'll definitely end up being respected for your culinary knowledge!

While we're talking about food, have you ever dreamed about making some improvements to your kitchen? Why don't you consider updating your previous cabinets with new free standing kitchen cabinets? That way, you won't have to have cabinets similar to everyone else. You will get to have stunning and useful cabinets just the way you wanted, in your personal style, with every little aspect coordinating with your personal preference. You might decide to implement the simple style and minimalist layout of Japanese decor. It is easy to get the experienced services of home improvement contractors who are familiar with Oriental furniture to assist you with the whole reconstruction venture, or if you have friends and colleagues that are home decorators and who have nice kitchen islands, you can ask for free suggestions on the subject. By improving the structure of your cooking and food preparation area, you'll be able to maneuver around the kitchen in an efficient and free flowing way.

But why finish with the kitchen area? Once you get your little project moving, I bet you'll be a lot more encouraged to modernize the rest of your residence. Let's get started outside! For the people who have a big enough lawn in front of the house, make sure to pick the best landscaping ideas for front yard. This implies having the greatest style and features appropriate for your house - regardless of how elegant and trendy your yard is, if friends can't even reach the entranceway, then what is the use? So consider both usefulness and beauty while having your front yard landscaped. When it comes to your deck, there are probably lots of big patio furniture clearance sales in your neighborhood furniture outlets, at yard sales and on the internet. Find a solid wood table with an outdoor patio umbrella at the center to provide your house a certain tropical appeal. Rattan kinds are gorgeous as well. For evenings outside, it's possible to have light fixture parts fitted around your patio and front yard to help establish a tranquil ambiance. You can go out there with the family or buddies and have a little get together while connecting over beer and a barbecue. Sounds really nice, right?

Nevertheless, wouldn't it be beautiful to have a home exhibiting just one theme? Since we discussed the use of Japanese decor previously, wouldn't it be nice for your loved ones and visitors to enter your home through beautiful doors? Wooden doors, specifically those crafted from hardwood, can provide security for virtually any house due to their sturdiness. They're able to survive any conditions, they don't tarnish and in addition they come in many delicate carved styles.

After you get the doors set up, then you can move on to your living room and make sure you have one of the greatest coffee tables around. Remember, they will function as the focal point of the living room and consequently need to look attractive while also being useful. Think about the way log homes look - this could possibly serve as your motivation when you try to generate a similarly soothing setting for your home. Yes, they appear rustic, however these days, wooden home furniture translates to possessing a sophisticated home.

Should you have limited space but who would like to develop a division between the living room and the dining room, they could set up a room divider between the areas. Tansu would be excellent here. Not just put into use against a wall, or as a staircase for kids going up to their bunk beds, tansu can also serve as a perfect room divider as they look wonderful on either sides. Moreover, it is possible to store precious accessories on its shelves like antique decorative accents or possibly a compact TV. You can even talk to home decorator and they will recommend the same thing.

For your dining room, to stay true to that old-time yet stylish motif, you should buy antique dining room furniture. Although valued a whole lot higher than the non-antique kind, this is merely because their quality and allure is undeniable. It is easy to get them at traditional furniture merchants, and also at garage sales. Should the price be too great for you, then at the least get one of those dining tables manufactured from solid or reclaimed wood. They're much less highly priced, however they unquestionably are strong.

Dining tables end up more interesting by using wonderful table linen which fits any celebration, whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. It is possible to combine it with matching earthenware dishes and silverware at the same time.

Now we come to the very last major area of your property. The bedroom is really a person's haven, an area where you can be yourself, in which you can de-stress, read a magazine, do personal projects, plan a romantic evening, and more. Therefore, for the bedroom, aside from ensuring the rest of the furniture is made from wood, something else you could do is use a floor mirror. It is a well-known selection for improving upon any home. Once placed in the bedroom, it permits much more light to get reflected, as a result making the space appear even larger without needing to insert extra space or light.You can also apply this to your basement (if you have one) if you want to change it into a space where people can have fun, instead of just holding older things there until it gets moldy and dusty. In the event that you're going all the way, seek the advice of an expert concerning your basement flooring options together with your overall house designs and floor plans. You don't need to follow a path you know next to nothing about. In your basement, you'll be able to cover your floor with paint, plywood, bamboo, vinyl, tiles, or any substance you see fit providing you make sure that there won't be any water seepage. The heat range in the basement will vary more substantially that that of any other space in your house. Humidity levels are also different and so the products used should be able to endure the atmosphere down there.

For people with newborns, or who expect to give birth in the near future, it is now time to buy some pretty and comfy nursery furniture sets. If it's a baby boy, purchase something in sky blue, if it's a baby girl, grab something in soft pink. Make perfectly sure that the small pillows and blankets coordinate, are comfortable for the baby, and created from hypoallergenic material. You can talk to your physician or your baby's doctor before buying. More often than not, they will order their own medical furniture and have got amazing tips about where we can get the best for babies too.

All of the home furniture that we have been discussing here is easy to find on the internet. In this era, you can purchase online without the need to take a trip to your neighborhood home furniture retail outlet. It is possible to browse every little thing online and even seek out the very best decorators, contractors and furniture companies. Every one of these things are made feasible as a result of the individuals powering the world wide web - they're the people making sure that no matter what it is you hunt for online, you'll certainly find. This benefits not only buyers like you, but the product and service firms too.

So if you happen to own a furniture company, or any small business even, and you'd like to have wide publicity online, you should use the experts at a web design company. They are the most effective when it comes to optimizing keywords and phrases for your services and products in the search engine listings. They make certain that your products reach those who need them, which often ensures success for your business. Even if it's beads you're marketing on the internet or dining chairs, you will observe your organization climb as more and more buyers are exposed to your business' web pages. In one of our favourite examples, ForTheLoveOfBeads went from 5 sales of beads per month to 50! Try it now! Be Sure You Check Out These Sites

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