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12.30.00 Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on the 28th. We had a great time playing this show. It was good to see all of you back from college. We have to start winter quater here soon but we'll keep trudging on. We are planning to write a few more original tunes, then record a full length album. Our songs will soon be avaliable on Napster, so check that out.
12.7.00 The next big thing for us is our show at Canal Street. Mark it on your calender, the 28th of December. We're playing with the band Tilted Rigby. We are going to preform first so get there around 9 o'clock. See ya then!
10.25.00 We are planning a show at the Oregon Express Novermber eighth. We are very excited about the chance to play at this club. It's a wednesday night, and it's free pizza night. The Oregon Express is located in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton.
10.25.00 We booked a show at Canal Street Tavern December twenty-first. This should be a great show. We are playing with another local group, Red Now Wonder. These guys won second place in the 2000 Dayton band playoff's. It will be winter break by the time this show rolls around.
10.12.00 Right now we are in the midst of writting more new material. We know we need it, now we've found some time to do it. So far two new songs have been written since the Dayton band playoff's. We did win a four track recorder from the playoff's, thanks centerville music. So that is helping a lot in the process of writting. Our plan is to use the recording time we won also. We won 15 hours at Refraze in Kettering so we plan to record a new album this winter.

Eclypse was first formed by Tazdeen Rashid and Patrick McAfee. This was in the summer of 1995. Patrick then asked Jeff to play with them. Taz just knew Jeff played drums and that's why Pat asked him. They got together in Pat's garage to have some of the first practices. The first show was at a Centerville H.S. coffee shop. This what just in the cafateria of their school. They didn't have a name for that night and there was going to be a lunar eclipse the next night so they just decided to call themselves eclipse. They just wanted to spell it different so that explains "Eclypse". After a few jams they figured they needed a bass player. Taz knew of Matt Strathearn. They asked him to join the jam, and he did. So the first gig for Eclypse was Cindy Nigard's birthday party. It went well and they played a few more birthday parties. Eclypse began opening up for an older band at the high school called Flagstone. Soon Eric Replogle, one of Jeff's long time friends heard the band they asked him to join. So now Eclypse is Taz, Pat, Jeff, Matt & Eric. They gig for another year around Dayton. Tention builds and Eclypse breaks up in 1997. But only for a brief period of time. Eclypse got back together with out Taz and with a new direction. Blues. They began to cover old blues songs of Stevie Ray Vaughn and began writting blues based originals. Eclypse found more gigs around town and enjoyed playing more and more each gig. They also gained a new member, Mark Smith. Mark was a year older then the rest of the band and played sax. Mark added a new demention to Eclypse's sound. Eclypse signed up for the Dayton band playoff's at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton the summer of 1999. They didn't place very high but made some good contacts and became more familiar with the stage. Eclypse then used the money they had earned from gigs to record a demo disc. Eclypse continued to gig and practice on a regular basis all that year. Mark then moved to Columbus to attend OSU and was forced to quit the band. Eclypse made some arrangement adjustments and moved on. Eclypse then entered the playoff's again in the summer of 2000. They made it to the final round and placed third. With this accomplishment came more contacts and more recording time. Eclypse has yet to use the studio time but plans to early in 2001.