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The New Wave Webring

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What is a Webring?

A webring is basically a means of linking together a number of websites with a common theme. Rather than finding sites one by one, with for example a search engine, someone interested in a particular topic can view potentially interesting sites within the ring from one index page. Alternatively, they can move from one site directly to another until they have viewed all the sites within the ring. Webrings therefore benefit both the surfer, who can find relevant sites more quickly, and the webmasters, who should find that more viewers are directed to their sites.

For what kind of sites is the New Wave Webring intended?

We hope to include sites that are relevant to the synthesiser-based bands of the early eighties, such as Depeche mode, Gary Numan, Visage, Soft Cell, Duran Duran etc. We will however welcome applications from punk, goth and industrial band sites, since these musical genres share a common origin with that of the synth bands, and are often listened to today by a similar audience. The "New Wave" of the title therefore means New Wave in the American rather than British sense, which is usually restricted to meaning punk or post-punk.

How do I add my site to The New Wave Webring?

1. Please click here . This link will take you to the New Wave Webring. Please click on the button marked "join this ring" and follow the instructions. You will need to gain a Yahoo! password and ID, and to paste the Navigation Bar code into one of your website pages. Your site will then be queued for me to review it for entry to the ring.

Please note that the the ideal place for the Navigation Bar is on your home (index) page. This enables surfers to navigate as efficiently as possible around the ring, and to see the contents of your site without having to go to another page.

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Please click on the plasma ball to visit the Electric Dreams website, London's premier club for eighties synthpop and new wave.