Magick was a popular subject in L.J. Smith's different series, mostly used among witches. In these pages I have information on different areas of magick.

Note: Magick IS real and it's not something to be played around with. It's not a toy, it's a tool, one that should be used only for good purposes. Unlike in L.J. stories, magick can be used by anyone for we all hold the potential. The real witches are not born with special powers, but normal people who have chosen to follow the Craft (NOT the movie) and the religion of wicca. Magick however is not limited to wiccans, anyone can use it, but it should be used with care and with good intentions for we are all subject to the threefold law: "If thou does ill it shall return to you threefold, if thou goes good, good shall return to you threefold." With that knowledge, go look among my pages and gain knowledge!