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Welcome to Diana Meade's Page of Reviews! As it states on the main page, I'm a big fan of L.J. Smith's work. So I decided to take the wonderful opportunity to gives my opinions, views, and interpretations of LJ's work. I shall have pages on all of her work (with the exception of Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor, I'm one of the unfortunate who has never gotten a hold of those books). Right now these pages only have the covers on them, but bookmark this page because I shall have at least SOME pages up soon. When I make progress on this page I will post it on this page. This helps so you won't have to check ALL of the pages in search of something new. Also once these pages are up they WILL most likely contain spoilers, so be warned! Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy my page!


I have a request from all of you. I'd like to make this page slightly interactive. I want to hear YOUR opinions on these books and characters. If you have some like, dislike, or great insight on this book, I would LOVE to hear it. I'll even post it on this page! After all, many opinions are better than just one. Just email me at the link at the bottom of the page. Note: let's keep the "I love " comments to a minimum. LOL I don't need a bunch of mail proclaiming "I love Julian!" If you have a certain reason why you find this character, or any other for that matter, fascinating then I do want to hear about it. Remember... show your love for LJ's female characters too! I also would like to see insights on the entire book and/or series. Please send these in to me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Update: May 7, 1998: Part of the Vampire Diaries Page is up.

The Vampire Diaries
The Secret Circle
The Forbidden Game
Dark Visions
Night World

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