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Astrology was brought up a few times in L.J. Smith's series, The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie McCullough, the psychic of the characters, used it to describe some of the guys in the books.

Astrology is extremely complex. Your sun sign, which is what most people are familiar with, is only part of you. All of the celestial bodies in our solar system influence what becomes you. The entire science of astrology has filled volumes upon volumes, so there is no way I could ever write everything there is to know about it. So I'm going to give a short overview on the planets, the 12 houses, and the 12 signs.

***This page is under massive construction, so if not all the houses, planets, signs, etc. are on here, it's because I haven't gotten to them yet. Please be patient with me! Thank you!***

:~)*The Planets*(~:


The sun is the center of the universe and is the "planet" of self. Your sun sign reflects your true self. It governs individuality, your instinctive style, your will and your lifetime goals.


The moon is the ruler of you emotional self. It governs your emotions, your instincts (particularly maternal ones), and your unconscious.


Mercury influence your intellectual and communicative abilities. It governs your communcations, your social behavior, your intellectualism, your cleverness and your speech.


Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It determines your ability to love, you aesthetic sense, affection, relation to the opposite sex, charm, pleasure and popularity.

~* Mars*~

Mars is the planet that determines your passion and drive. It governs your sex drive, temper, forcefulness, ambition, courage and strength


Jupiter is your planet of fortune. It determines your luck, optimism, generosity, outgoingness and success.


Saturn is the planet of responsibility and limitation. It controls your maturity, responsibility, sense of reality, ability for hard work, and self-discipline.


Uranus is the planet of change and originality. It influences your creativity, inventiveness, whether or not you haave an eccentric behavior.


Neptune it the planet of mystery and illusion. It controls your artistic ability, psychic abilities, compassion, intuition, spirituality and idealism.


Pluto is the planet of the unknown and transformation. It governs the birth, death and rebirths of the self during a lifetime.

<=*=*The 12 Houses*=* =>

The Zodiac is divided into 12 houses each representing a different aspects of a chart. Planets fall into one of these and therefore influence you in a specific way and area.

<=*The First House*=>

The First House is the House of Self and is connected with the sign of Aries. It symbolizes your style, your mannerisms, your disposition and temperment. It signifies your public self.

<=*The Second House*=>

The Second House is the House of Money and Possessions and is related to the sign of Taurus. It relates to your income, things you will come to acquire, and financial prospects. This house affects what kind of decorating style you will have, your earning power and your ability to handle money.

<=*The Third House*=>

The Third House is the House of Communications and is ruled by Gemini. This house governs the way you think, write, speak, learn and remember things. It also controls your travels.

<=*The Fourth House*=>

The Fourth House is the House of Home and is in relation to the sign Cancer. It influences your home life, childhood, parenthood, old age, your relationship with your family.

<=*The Fifth House*=>

The Fifth House is the House of Creativity and Pleasure which is connected with Leo. It determines the pasttimes you choose, your creativity, your sex drive, and affection. It also governs over gambling, children and games of chance.

<=*The Sixth House*=>

The Sixth House is the House of Health and Service and is associated with Virgo. It affects your professional relationships (relationships with colleagues), your health, your emotional health (stress and stress caused symptoms), and your immune system.

<=*The Seventh House *=>

The Seventh House is the House of Partnerships and Marriages whivh is related to Libra. The Seventh House on a personal level deals with what kind of mate you choose, type of marriage/relationship you will have, how many times you will marry and your ability to exist harmoniously with others. On a more professional level, it is connected with legal affairs, contracts, business partnerships and even politics.

<=* The Eighth House*=>

The Eighth House is the House of Death, Regeneration, and Legacies. This House is ruled by Scorpio. It concerns legacies left you by the dead, you're partner's money, taxes, surgery, psychic powers, sex, death, birth, the afterlife and regeneration. Clues about the events surrounding your death might show up here. This is also known as the House of Spiritual Transformation.

<=*The Ninth House*=>

The Ninth House is knowns as the House of Mental Exploration and Travel which is tied to the sign of Sagittarius. This house is like the third house on a wider, higher and more philosophical level. This House is associated with higher education, philosophy, journeys (both mental and physical), literary accomplishments, publishing, expression of ideas, foreign languages and travel to foreign countries.

<=*The Tenth House*=>

The Tenth House is called The House of Career and Public Stading. It is associated with Capricorn. The Tenth House rules all professional matters such as your reputation, your career, your status, ambition and what material success you will have in life. This House reflects how your co-workers see you, how you accept responsibilities, your drive for success and what power in the community or work place you will receive.

<=*The Eleventh House*=>

The Eleventh House is the House of Friendships, Hopes, and Wishes. It is the House connected with Aquarius. Your long-term dreams and asperations, social behavior and involvement, and types of friends are best for you are all revealed in the House. Clubs, societies and humanitarian efforts are governed by this House as are the qualities of idealism and vision.

<=*The Twelfth House*=>

The Twelfth House is the final and most mysterious house. It is the House of Secrets, Sorrow, Self-Undoings and Endings. It is related to Pisces. It defines the limitations of your life, as well as ruling disappointments, accidents, unseen forces, secret enemies, escapism, karma and endings.

**)* The Twelve Signs**)*

Here are the Twelve Zodiac signs. For right now I'm not going into depth, I'm just going to name basics like the element, ruling planet, quality, and positive and negative traits. Later on I will add more information to give a more indepth look. Also the dates on the signs are general. The sun varies a little on the time it enters a sign each year, so if you're around the cutoff date check a ephemeris to be sure of your true sign.

**) Aries- The Ram

March 21- April 19

Ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Positive Traits: energetic, a leader, accepts challenges, takes risks for their dreams, honest, brave, daring

Negative Traits: bossy, brash, jealous, doesn't listen, extremely selfish, impulsive, arrogant, disobedient

**) Taurus- The Bull

April 20- May 20

Ruler: Venus

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: pastel blue

Positive Traits: cautious, dependable, patient, attentive, thorough, resourceful, gentle

Negative Traits: extremely stubborn, often self-indulgent, materialistic, insenstive, not quick to act,

**) Gemini- The Twins

May 21- June 20

Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Color: Yellow

Positive Traits: inquistive, charming, entertaining, intelligent, liberal minded, witty, inventive and versatile.

Negative Traits: impatient, impractical, short attention spam, reckless, capricious and fickle, manipulative, noncommital, dual personality and gossipy.

**) Cancer- The Crab

June 21- July 22

Ruler: The Moon

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Sea Green and Silver

Positive Traits: Tenacious, intuitive, compassionate, caring, protective, caring, kind

Negative Traits: Possessive, easily hurt, moody, crabby, overly sensitive , holds grudges, manipulative

**) Leo- The Lion

July 23- August 22

Ruler: the Sun

Element; Fire

Quality: Fixed

Color: Orange, gold

Positive Traits: honest, loyal, good-natured, dignified, lively, friendly, generous, brave

Negative Traits: stubborn, arrogant, sulky, smug, attention-hungry, can take undue credit, vain

**) Virgo- The Virgin

August 23- September 21

Ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Cream, Gray

Positive Traits: sympathetic, thorough, organized, helpful, hygenic, witty, dedicated

Neadtive Traits: extremely critical of others, irritable, untidy, hypochondriac, nervous, overdemanding, obsessive with details

**) Libra- The Scale

September 22- October 22

Ruler: Venus

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Color:pink, green, lavender

Positive traits: cooperative, fair, artistic, good negotiator, romantic, charming, communicative

Negative Traits: Narcississtic, indolent, sulky, indecisive, somewhat shallow, manipulative, overly flirtatious

**) Scorpio- The Scorpion

October 23 - November 21

Ruler: Pluto, and the ancient Ruler Mars

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Color: Black, burgundy, blood reds

Positive Traits: Penetrating, investigative, passionate, caring, fiercely loyal, protective, magnetic, tenacious, emotional, sensual, compassionate, intense

Neagative Traits: Self-destructive, ruthless, overbearing, suspicious, jealous, possessive, quick-tempered, moody, stubborn, sadistic, sharp-tongued, seccretive, vindictive

**) Sagittarius- The Archer

November 22- December 20

Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Color: Royal blue and purple

Positive Traits: honest, optimistic, fair-minded, enthusiastic, philosophical, good-natured, forgiving, sensual

Negative Traits: impatient, argumentative, can't be held down, hotheaded, fanatical, fear responsibility, tactless and commitment

**) Capricorn- the Sea Goat

December 21- January 20

Ruler: Saturn

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Color: brown, gray, green

Positive Traits: organized, ambitious, cautious, realistic, conventional, concerned, practical, respects authority.

Negative Traits: Has a "my way or the highway" philosophy, egotistical, slave driver, workaholic, unforgiving, critical, anxious, fatalistic, obsessed with perfection, status-seeking.

**) Aquarius- the Water Bearer

January 21-February 19

Ruler: Uranus, formerly Saturn

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Color: electric blue, light yellow

Positive Traits: idealistic, communicative, cooperative, dependable, loyal, inventive, independent, strong belief in humanitarism, into new ideas

Negative Traits: tactless, self-interested, rude, voyeuristic curiosity about people, eccentric

**) Pisces- the Fish

February 19- March 20

Ruler: Neptune, previously Jupiter

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Color: blue, green

Positive Traits: loving, caring, trusting, altruistic, helpful, romantic, creative, mystical, compassionate, understanding

Negative Traits: self-pitying, guilible, tempermental, dependant and clingy, escapist, sensationalist, not too in touch with reality, self-blaming, overly-emotional

^v^*Moon Signs*^v^

Our Moon Sign tells us alot about ourselves. It influences our emotional selves and our instincts. Here are brief description of the 12 moon signs!


^*Aries Moon*^

Aries moon makes your personality more energetic, idealistic, optimistic and enterprising. On a darker note it also gives you the tendency to be vain, opinionated, impulsive and domineering.


^*Taurus Moon*^

A Taurus Moon enhances your trustworthiness, determination, and artistic abilities. It also can make you more stubborn, possessive, rigid, and monotonous.


^*Gemini Moon*^

Being a lunar Gemini, you tend to be more versatile, witty, charming, lively and just more overall than amusing than most. But it also can make you disorganized, superficial and manipulative.


^*Cancer Moon*^

A Cancer moon influences you positively in that it increases you imagination, capacity for sympathy, protectiveness, tenacity and sense of loyalty. However it's negative influences can make you moody, overly-possessive, critical, self-pitying, and an overall nag.


^*Leo Moon*^

With a Leo moon, you are creative, exuberant, broadminded, colorful, and funloving. But you also inherit the Leonine qualities of being overly self-indulgent, conceited, and over being.


^*Virgo Moon*^

People with Virgo moons tend to be vey intellectual, meticulous, industrious, steadfast and responsible, but also critcal, highstrung, standoffish, and argumentative.

^*Libra Moon*^

If you have your moon in Libra you are more adaptable, charming, goodnatured and diplomatic. But on the down side you are very indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, and frivolous.

^*Scorpio Moon*^

A Scorpio moon can influence your personality and make you more imaginative, determined, ambitious, emotional and idealistic. It can also darken you personality making you jealous, possessive, secretive, resentful and domineering.

^*Sagittarius Moon *^

People with Sagittarian moon are adventurous, optimistic, openminded, sincere, restless, irresponsible, careless and commitment-shy.

^*Capricorn Moon*^

A Capricorn moon promotes determination, responsiblity, discipline, patience and commitment. It also promotes negative things like pessimism, materialism, and rigidness.

^*Aquarius Moon*^

If you have an Aquarian mood you are likely to be idealistic, creative, tolerant, and a humanitarian. They are also unpredictable, aloof, fixed in opinion and tactless.

^*Pisces Moon*^

With a Piscean lunar influence, you are compassionate, sensitive, loving creative and loyal. At the same time, you are indecive, discontented, secretive, overly emotional and easily confused.

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