Merry Meet everyone, and welcome to Diana Meade's Lore page. All of the topics on this page have been broached in L.J. Smith books. As one could tell, I'm a huge fan of her work and belong to several of her fan clubs (to see who I am, check my clubs page!). The purpose of this page is to help other fans of hers learn more about the topics L.J. Smith writes about.

***This page is under massive construction. Most pages aren't up yet. More topics will arise as I go along. Happy Hunting!***

Update: May 2, 1998: The Color, Gem and Elemental Magick Pages are up, as is the Astrology page. Bookmark this page and check back frequently for I will update this page often!

Update: May 5: the beginnings of a review page is up, check the link!

Update: May 7, 1998: Parts of the Planetary/Daily/Seasonal Influence page and Norse Mythology Page have been made. Go check them out!

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