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My present baby. This was my first time out and it had been raining for days so I figured what the hell. We had run around the lake all day and decided to cross this hole which is about 50yrds long. I was almost out when it came to a sudden halt. After a quick phone call and a 6000 Ib warn I was on my way. After a dry spell I went back and seen a boulder right in the middle of the rut. Needless to say it ain't there now.

This is My 1981 K-5 Blazer. All 330 hp turning 33in AT's at a Favorite watering hole. This was taken shortly after the stuck happened. 3 hrs later and a Ford with a 460 4.11's and Detroit lockers to get me out. The only thing that broke was the input shaft seal on the gear box. $5 and it was back as the Daily Driver.

This is Brad's 79 Bronco with a 3in body and 33in Mudkings stuck in the mud. Shortly after he said he could and would go anywhere and everywhere that I could. After he was pulled out a 3/4 ton went through it on 35's and a J10 went through it on 35's. And to add to the heart ache of failing. I wen through it on 31in Yokohama's. Thats not the end of it. He was pulled out by a Chevy Blazer. Bubba's not a happy camper....

This Picture is from "Darren's Bronco Page"

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