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My Ned Garver Painting

This is a painting of Ned Garver. He was a Major League pitcher in the early 50's onto the 60's, for the St. Louis Browns, Kansas City Athletics, and the Detroit Tigers. He is the only pitcher in MLB history to win 20 games during a season which his team lost 100 or more games. He lives near my hometown and I actually got to know him through my father. He's a great guy and one of the more underrated pitchers of the 1950's.

Early work on the painting

This was an 8x10 painting, so it went pretty quickly once I got started.

More detail added

Here you can see I've added some more detail and more shadows. It's almost completed, but not quite where I want it to be. This painting is actually an enlarged version of his 1951 Bowman card. I chose not to include the "name box" included on the original card, because I felt it took away from the painting.

The Final Product

Well, here ya have it. This is what the final product, which is hanging on my wall, looks like. I actually put the painting in my scanner to get a better picture. The colors are a bit stronger than the actual painting, but it turned out okay. I'm hoping to either give the painting to Mr. Garver, as a gift, or at least have him autograph it for me.

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