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"O Danny Boy"

A Jason Yoder original painting


This is now a finished work -- so it is now available for purchase.  Until then, however, it will remain in my private collection.  As a lifetime Dolphins fan, I'm a huge Dan Marino fan.  No matter what anyone says, no Super Bowls or not, he's the best passing Quarterback to ever play the game of football.  If you want to dispute that, take a look at the NFL Passing Records, and they will speak for themselves.

That said, I thought about painting a picture of Marino from one of his many milestones -- for example, when he broke the NFL TD record, the NFL Passing Yardage record, and a host of others.  But, I felt like this picture from his early years with Miami would capture the true Dan Marino.

At this point with the painting, I have painted his jersey white to cover up the pencil lines, and have added the very basic colors or his uniform.  Once I have these basic colors down, I can later go back and add shadows and highlights.

This picture, at right, is just a bit more crisp than the picture above.  I'm still working with the background, to find an optimal color.  At this point, it shouldn't take a great deal longer.

The most time consuming part of this painting, will be adding all the mud and dirt on his uniform.  It was a muddy day at the Orange Bowl, apparently.  In case you're too young to remember, the Dolphins used to play all their home games at the Orange Bowl, before Joe Robbie, a.k.a., Pro Player Stadium, was built.  I've been planning this painting for some time, but just now got a chance to work on another painting for myself.  I hope it turns out like I'd like it to.  I guess we'll see.  I'll keep updated, and hopefully have a picture of the finished product soon!


Here, above, are a few pictures from when I started adding some of the dirt and mud to Marino's uniform.  And, at right, I'm sure you'll notice, is the final product.  I made the background a silver/black mixture that reflects a different color depending on what position the painting is -- sometimes black, sometimes silver.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the painting.

And, as much as I love it, this original painting is for sale.  If you're interested in purchasing this painting, or a print of it, contact me at the e-mail address below and we can work out the details. 

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