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"A Lake Shore Kinda View"

This is actually a painting I'm still currently working on...but almost finished with. It is part of a "tri-fecta" I'm working on for a friend that is a tribute to Chicago, of sorts.

This is a cool picture I found that was taken from the famous Lake Shore Drive, of the Hancock Building. So, it's a combination, really of two Chicago landmarks, into one. There is a great deal of detail that has went into each and every building, but I'm very thorough in that regard, and as I'm sure you've been able to tell, I'm also very detail-oriented. It adds to the realism of the painting, I believe.

I want people to see my paintings and think they are looking at a photograph, they're so realistic. That's the greatest compliment someone can apply to my work.

This painting is actually another "first" in terms of my artist hobby. This will be the first painting I'm doing as a paid I'm very excited about that!

Well, here you just have a bit of a closer look at the painting. This way you can kind of tell what kind of detail goes into each and every inch of this painting. Like I said, I want it to look like you're staring right a big picture...and not a painting.

The three buildings in the bottom left of this painting are some of the few portions I have yet to complete, but should sometime soon hopefully. I would say the most difficult parts of painting something like this, is the windows and the amount of detail that windows and small parts add to the painting. It's time-consuming and can be tedius at times, but it falls into that whole detail-oriented thing, and I don't feel complete with my work until I have every last detail in that I feel is necessary.

This project idea actually originated from a painting I did for Andy and Katie L., as a wedding present. I painted an "El" scene featuring an elevated train subject.

As you can prolly tell, this is a close-up of the bottom right corner of the painting. There is some glare, so the picture didn't come out perfect..but I just wanted to reflect, once again, the amount of detail and time I've spent on this work.

I'm still in the process of adding some more detail to this part, but I've already put in two pedestrians, and plan on adding more. Like I stated earlier, I like to include everything I can from a picture, so it looks like you're just looking at a picture...not a painting. The more realistic, the better, for me.

Here,you can see the finished product. I, once again, apologize for the poor scan, but I assure you, it's really done! haha Hopefully the happy married couple enjoys the painting! Thanks for the work Katie and Andy!

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