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The Artist Bio Page - Weasel

Hey, that's me!!  Yes, I'm quite aware I'm a huge dork, so just bear with me!

Well, now, where to start.  For starters, if you're interested, my real name is Jason, but most of my friends know me by "Weasel", "Yofer", "Yod", "Jay", and a few other select, not so nice names I'd rather not repeat here.  But that's neither here nor there.

Honestly, I've just recently discovered my love for painting in the past few I'm still harnessing my full potential.  That said, however, I can't tell you how much I love painting.  It's a great feeling to be able to capture something on canvas.  But, I've always been a bit of a perfectionist, so it makes some things I paint a bit tedius, but that happens.  So, deal with it, eh!  haha...sorry it's hard for me to resist tossing in some random "Strange Brew" comments, as I'm a huge fan.

Anyways, enough of that.  I hope to keep updating the site, as I finish more and more paintings, but be patient with me...I don't paint all the time, so it's not a full-time "gig" or anything.  I wish it was, but it's not...yet.

Uh, me, but blonde.

(not a natural blonde)


Ah, yes, as I continue to speak of my background and all that.  I grew up in...well, just look at the picture at left, and yeah...I grew up in Hicksville, Ohio -- no, literally.  And, yes, before you ask, that is the "real" name of it.  haha  As one might imagine, it was a small town, consisting of around 4,500 people.  To give you an idea, I graduated from Hicksville High School (yes, we have school there), with a 69 person graduating class.

I loved that small town though...I had some great times there.  I played a lot of sports in that town, but have always loved baseball the most.  I guess that's why I enjoy painting baseball-related themes the most.

Anyways...after departing from "the big city", I went to college at the University of Dayton.  Go Flyers!  (The college of ESPN's Dan Patrick.)  I spent 4, yes, 4, fantastic and unforgettable (although, because of -- see at left-- I do have a few blank spots) years at UD, where I majored in Communication/Broadcasting.  I had hoped to land a weekend sports anchor position or sports reporter position upon graduation...but well, here I am today, so draw your own inference here.

So, yes, a few years later, and now here I am, painting in my free time, and loving it; hoping I can do it full-time sometime soon.  But, hey, enough about me.  You just enjoy your time on the site and we'll go from there! 

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