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Hello and welcome to my planet. Each year around a holiday called Halloween on my planet, we like to play a game called "Bobbing For Apples". The object of this game is to pick up an apple using your mouth without using your hands. Now the first thing you do to prepare for this game is to put a bunch of apples into the water:

Now these next few pictures here are pictures of the winner of the "Bobbing For Apples" contest:

Then after the winner of the "Bobbing For Apples" contest is declared, we all celebrate by dancing:

Then after we all finish doing the dances that we copied from the hit movie "Flushdance" we all sit down and have a nice dinner of applesauce.

and other goodies such as cheese-whiz and mashed potatos. Unfortunately, I either lost or misplaced my pictures of the cheese-whiz which was only one of the places you can put cheese-whiz and my pictures of a little girl happily getting her treat of cheese-whiz for trick or treat. I'll put them up here when and if I find them. But I do have pictures of the mashed potatos. There was plenty to eat. We had a barrelfull of mashed potatos:

Everyone lined up for dinner, and Frankie served them the mashed potatos:

As you can see, everyone was really shovelling it in.

We also were all going to have a special Halloween treat of popcorn. We had all of the ingredients, and instead of using the microwave, we tried popping the corn kernels on the stove. The good old-fashioned way. The recipie was followed exactly. First vegetable oil was poured into the pan:

Then the corn kernels were put into the pan and cooked on the stove while shaking the pan:

But for some odd reason, it came out like this:

We don't know what went wrong. Since we followed the recipie exactly. We all thought and thought and thought:

But no mattter how hard we all thought, no one could figure out just what went wrong: