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Valley Sting Softball
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This is the 2002 Valley Sting 15's Softball Team.



So far this year we haven't been doing that great, but we are having a lot of fun. Below are the stats of the tournaments we have played in this year.

May 24-27: Hubbard Raging Thunder

Game 1: Road Runners LOST 4-3

Game 2: Lady Lasers Orange LOST 6-2

Game 3: Raging Thunder LOST 9-1

Game 4: West End Silver WIN 2-0

Game 5: Lady Lasers Orange LOST 4-0

May 31-June 2: Austintown MV Umpires

Game 1: Lady Rascals WIN 1-0

Game 2: Canada Sting WIN 3-1

Game 3: Explosion LOST 4-3

June 8-9: Burton Maple Leaf

Game 1: Shockwave LOST 3-0

Game 2: Chain Reaction LOST 1-0

Game 3: Thunderbolts LOST 10-2

Game 4: North Coast Spirit WIN 13-1

Game 5: Rage LOST 5-4

June 14-16: Champion Chain Reaction

Game 1: Gamblers WIN 12-1

Game 2: Explosion LOST 6-1

Game 3: Top Guns LOST 2-1

Game 4: Chain Reaction LOST 2-0

June 21-23: Akron Slam Series 2002

Game 1: CAA Comets LOST 5-4

Game 2: Outtacontrol WIN 9-1

Game 3: Thunderbolts WIN 11-5

Game 4: Shockwave LOST 4-2


June 28-30: Canfield Ohio Stars

Game 1: Ohio Ice LOST 3-2

Game 2: Ohio Invasion LOST ???

Game 3: Keystone Steelers WIN 4-3

Game 4: Maddogs LOST 7-2

July 4-7: Cincinnati State Tournament

Game 1: Renegade Sharks WIN 8-0

Game 2: Diamond Steelers LOST 9-0

Game 3: Valley Sting 16's LOST 4-1

July 15-21: Salem, Virginia "B" World Series

Game 1: Maryland Stars WIN 4-1

Game 2: Virginia Extreme Force WIN 3-2

Game 3: Gaston Thunder LOST 3-1

Game 4: Hurricanes WIN 7-4

Game 5: Thunderbolts LOST 2-0

Overall we ended up finishing 15th at Nationals. Finishing there we qualified to go to the SUPER WORLD SERIES in Las Vegas. We will be there August 15-19.

August 15-19: Las Vegas, Nevada "Super" World Series

Game 1: California Hustlers LOST 4-3

Game 2: Thunderbolts WIN 8-6

Game 3: Smackers LOST 5-1?? (I'm not for sure on the final score to that game)


Here are some pictures of the team at State:

Right: This is Vicki our scorekeeper.

Left: And here are Mr. Green and Mr. Burr helping us out at Nationals.

Here are some individual pictures of the players:

Left:Here's Meg playing 3rd Base. She also Pitches for our team.

Right:This is Jill catching. She also play 2nd Base and occasionally you might see her in the outfield.

Left: Cortney at Short Stop. You'll also see her catching and sometimes at 2nd Base.

Right: Here is Jenn at 1st Base. She also plays 3rd Base and sometimes pitches.

Left: Kate playing 2nd. She can also be found at Short Stop and occasionally in the outfield.

Right: Here is Gina up to bat. When she is in the field you'll find her in the outfield or 3rd Base

Left: This is Heidi in Center Field. That's where you will most likely see her, if not there anywhere in the outfield.

Right: There is Liz in Center, she is just an outfielder.

Left: Here is Cindy up to bat. While in the field Cindy pitches and plays 1st Base.

Right: Heather is at 2nd Base. She also pitches and plays the outfield. You might see her at 3rd once in awhile.


Here are the pictures from Nationals.. sorry it took so long!!!

This is Heather batting, but I don't remember what game it was in.

Cindy Green here, getting ready to pitch.

There is Heidi on second base.

This is Gina in Left Field.

Here's Kate at Second Base.

There is Jen at First Base.

Here is Cortney behind the plate.

And here is Jill catching also.

This is Meagan at Third Base.

Liz out in Right Field. (The oddball in white.. lol)


Here is the team with our trophies that we won at the Mineral Ridge Tournament!

Pictured Above Are(left to right):

Standing: Mr. McCutcheon, Allison Burr, Heather Hartman, Meagan McCutcheon, Gina Brunetti, Cindy Green, Jill Titko, and Mr. Burr

Sitting: Kate Bernat, Liz Burr, ** THE TROPHY**, Cortney Pelyak, and Sarah Minor

We came in first at this tournament defeated the 18U STING 4-2 and 3-2 in the Championship Game!!


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*Hey there is something wrong with my pictures from Vegas at the bottom of the page. I'm going to work on fixing them I just don't have it dont yet. Sorry!*

Here is the team in Las Vegas right before our third game. By that time it was getting pretty hot out.

See what I mean?

Right: Here is Heather at 2nd base, I think...

Left: And here is Sarah up to bat.

Right: Meg here getting ready to pitch.

Left: Here's Jill catching.. yet again.. sorry Jill it seems like we never get you out of the gear..

Right: This is Cindy. I think she is also pitching here.

Left: There is Gina playing first base.

Right: Here is Allison batting during one of our games.

Left: There is Liz, in right field... go figure.

Right: This is Cortney at short stop.

Left: And Kate in Left