Who Are You?

By:  Jessica

“Ms. Phillips. This is for you.” Taylor said as she handed her first grade teacher a note written by her mother.

Taylor’s brother is in town and will be picking her up from school today. He should be there by 4pm. Can she please stay in your room until he gets there? Thank you! -Bev Kirkpatrick

As Ms. Philips looked up from the note, Taylor asked, “So, is it okay?”

“Of course sweetie.”

The bell rang at 3:30pm for school to be out. Ms. Philips started to straighten up her classroom as the children left. Taylor continued coloring the last assignment given to the class. After ten minutes, the room looked presentable and Ms. Philips noticed that Taylor had put away her crayons and looked bored.

“Do you want to play a board game with me until your brother gets here?”

Taylor’s eyes lit up. “Yeah! Can we play Candy Land?”

“Sure. Let me get it out.” Ms. Philips said as she reached into the game closet.

The pair played until a voice came from the door. “That used to be my favorite game when I was your age.” Taylor and Ms. Philips looked up to see Taylor’s brother, Chris, standing in the doorway.

“Bubby!” Taylor squealed as she ran to hug her brother. “You were my age once?”

Chris laughed. “I know it’s hard to believe. Tay, you better help your teacher put up the game.”

“I’ll do it all by myself.” Taylor said in her most grown up voice.

Ms. Philips walked over to Chris who had extending his hand to her. “Hi! I’m Heather Philips. You’re Chris.”

Chris smiled cockily. “Yeah. Heard of me?”

Heather pointed to Taylor. “From her. Are you in for a visit?”

Chris seemed dumbfounded at the fact that someone actually didn’t know who he was. “More like a long vacation. I’m trying to spend some time with my family before I have to head back.”

“Well, I’m sure Taylor is excited to have you home. What do you do?”

Chris was still amazed that Heather had no clue, but in a way it attracted him. “Well, um, I kinda run a clothing company.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah…I hate to be forward, but I was wondering if you would like to go with Taylor and me to get some ice cream before we head home.”

Taylor hugged Chris’ leg. “Ice cream! You’re so cool. Come on Ms. Philips. Come with us.”

Heather laughed. “Well, I guess I can’t say no, can I? Let me grab my purse.”

The three walked out to the parking lot. Chris put his hand on Heather’s as she went to open her door. “See you there.”

Heather smiled and got into her car. She watched Chris put Taylor in his PT Cruiser and buckle her in. Once Chris’ door was shut and Heather was following his car, she pushed in her NSync CD and thought to herself, “I can't believe I’m about to eat ice cream with Chris Kirkpatrick, my favorite member. No one will ever believe me. This is too cool.” She smiled to herself and sang along with Chris’ solo on the CD.

The End


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