By:  Jessica

Joey was getting the last items off the list that Kelly had given him. As he grabbed for another jar of baby food, he thought, “How can Bri eat this stuff? Aren't peas supposed to be green?” He then heard soft crying coming from the other aisle. He put the last few jars in his cart, and then walked over to where he heard the crying. He saw a young woman reaching towards the top shelf for a baby thermometer, cursing in between sobs.

“Can I help you?” Joey asked in his sweetest voice.

“Please! I can’t reach it. The one in the white box.”

Joey grabbed the box and handed it to the woman. “Here you go…So, how far along are you?”

She took the box then wiped her eyes. “Thank you. Eight months. My name is Leah.”

“I’m Joey. What are you doing shopping? You should be off your feet. When my girl was eight months, she was bed ridden.”

Leah threw her hands up in the air. “I would rather be home. My feet are killing me. My husband and I just moved here and I wanted to pick up some baby items we didn’t get at the showers. He’s at work and I just wanted to be helpful. I was so useless in the move. I thought if I could just do the grocery shopping for myself, that that would take a little off his list of things to do. I guess I took on too much.” Joey nodded while Leah sighed. “I guess I better finish this up before he gets home. Thanks for helping me,” she let out a little laugh, “and listening to me complain.”

Joey smiled, and then looked down at his list. “You know, I still need to get a few things. You want to finish shopping with me? I can make sure there are no more top shelf problems.” Leah nodded her head. As the two walked, Joey pulled out his wallet and asked, “Do you want to see a picture of my daughter, Brianna?”

The End


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