Just You, Just Me

By:  Neenie


I heard a knock on my hotel room door and I sighed.  I knew it would one of two people, and I was right.  I opened the door, letting him in.  He smiled gratefully, making his way to the plush chair situated in the corner of my suite.  “My room’s similar, ya know.  It looks the same.”  I smiled at his awkwardness, not catching onto the fact that he was feeling a little lonely tonight.


I was sitting on the bed flipping channels aimlessly.  I smiled to myself as he walked across the room, bending over and raiding my mini bar.  "There's never anything good in here,” he smiled, shifting his weight.  I couldn’t tear my eyes from his ass.  He turned his head, his body still bent, and mumbled, “Like what you see?  I could show you my bare ass if you’d like.”


I just continued to stare at him, my right eyebrow raising with his offer.  Leaving the bar open he walked to the side of my bed and sat himself down.  “Do you want to see?” he asked, all joking aside.  His eyes surveyed my face as he quietly took my hand. 


I didn’t say anything, just stared at his beautiful face.  He brought my hand to his lips, kissing it softly.  His eyes never left mine.  His lips were lethal, hungrily tasting my fingers.  He slid himself closer to me on the bed, his face sincere.  His right hand stroked my cheek.  I closed my eyes, his touch sending chills through my body.  When the chill left my body I finally opened my eyes.  His face was dangerously close to mine.  “You do know I’m getting married, right?”


His right hand moved from my cheek to my waiting lips.  One finger fell over my lips silencing me.  “Tonight it’s just us.”  He leaned forward, his sweat glistened forehead resting against mine.  “What do you say?  Do you want to see my nicely toned ass?” he asked.  A smile grew on his face as he waited for my answer. 


“You’re crazy,” I smiled back. 


“Do you know what I want to see?” he sighed, his nose rubbing against my cheek. 


“What?” I answered, barely audible, my chest already heaving in anticipation. 


“Your nicely toned ass.  Will you let me see it?”  His fingers entered my hair at my base of my neck, pulling me into a sitting position.  His warm breathed dancing across my neck, whispering in my ear, “Let me see that and more.” 


He nibbled my neck lightly, waiting for any sign that I wanted more.  My fingers matched his, the heel of my hands resting at the base of his neck.  “No one has to find out Dani.  It will be our little secret.” 


My conscious was yelling, “No, don’t do it” but my body was telling me something else.  “Our little secret,” I repeated, giving into his seduction.  His lips caressed my neck, his tongue flicking over the tiny bite marks he left.  The pain was so exquisite I only wished for more.  Sensing my enjoyment, he pushed the strap to my tank top off my shoulder.  His nibbles soon turned to nipping when his teeth dug into my skin.  I gasped loudly, my fingers in his hair trying to pry him off my skin. 


He pulled his teeth from my shoulder, his tongue tracing the grooves he left in my skin.  “Did you like that?” he whispered.


“That hurt, Nick,” I said, trying to hide the emotions in my voice. 


“Pain can be so good, Dani.”  Nick climbed onto the bed, pushing my legs apart with his hand.  He knelt between my legs, his lips never leaving my neck.  He pulled me to him till my thighs rested against his.  His tongue traced my ear.  “I want you, Daniella.  I came to you because I saw the look in your eyes this afternoon.  I want you to want me, to need me.  Tell me what I want to hear,” he sighed, his kisses finally finding their mark.  His tongue pushed past the barrier I created and soon our mouths were one.  His hands roamed my back, stopping playfully at the elastic of my panties. 


He pulled away from me asking, “Can I?” before his mouth reclaimed its territory.  I moaned into his mouth, letting him know, for tonight only, my body was his.  His hands lowered into my panties, squeezing my ass roughly in his large hands.  His left hand moved lower working it’s way towards my wet center.  His finger dipped inside me, wanting to feel my excitement.  He groaned as his finger was enveloped in this new warm sensation. 


He pulled his finger from the warmth of my body, not wanting to move things that far yet.  “I have to have you Dani,” he whispered.  “You need this as much as I do, don’t deny it.”  His hands left my panties and trailed up my back, stopping at my neck.  His tongue suckled his damp finger, moaning when he pulled himself away.  “You taste so delicious.  Let me taste more of you, Dani.  You don’t want to see me beg, do you?”  I slowly shook my head, my eyes meeting his once again. 


“But I’m getting married,” I softly said.  Nick momentarily removed his roaming hands from my body and shifted himself comfortably on the bed.  Once he situated himself, his large hands met my waist and pulled me to his lap.  Looking down at him, I watched his facial expressions change from nervousness to pleasure.  “Dani, baby, you’re with me and he’s not here.  Whatever happens in this room stays in this room.  That’s a promise,” he said, smoothing my hair back behind my ear. 


I silently stared at him, not sure of what to do.  His left hand reached under my thin tank top, squeezing at my breasts.  His eyes searched mine as his hand continued its assault.  Bringing my nipples to hardened peeks, his hand moved to my side slowly inching its way down my side towards my panties.  Moving past my stomach and stopping at my thigh, he looked up into my eyes almost daring me to stop him.  I held his gaze waiting to see what he would do. 


He pushed the fabric of my panties that rested between my legs to the side.  His eyes never left mine as his finger slid inside my body.  My hands held his shoulders firmly in my grip.  His left hand, left finger, remained still inside me.  “I’m getting married,” I said, barely audible.  My hands left his strong shoulder, my fingers outstretched at his hairline.  Slowly my hands wrapped in his sea of blonde hair.  I lowered my mouth to his, giving into his seductive demands. 


As our kiss intensified he withdrew his finger from my body once again.  I moaned as the empty feeling washed over me.  He adjusted my panties, his hands cupping my bottom and pulling me towards him.  My thin panties and his jeans are all that stood between our most intimate areas.  “Just think of me, baby,” he whispered.  I pulled at his black wifebeater, wanting to remove that from his body.


Sensing what I wanted, he leaned forward slightly, arching his back.  I lifted the fabric from his torso, throwing it behind me.  It landed somewhere in the room, but that was not our concern.  Our only concern was each other.  Our eyes locked once again and he smiled.  I returned his smile as my hands ran down his chest.  I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his pants as his hands thumbed the hem of my tank top.  I sat back on his thighs watching his expression changed as he tossed my tank top across the room.


He buried his face between my breasts.  My hands were in his hair once again, trying to sway his direction.  “You know what you want already, don’t you?”  I nodded, arching my back until my stomach touched his.  Holding tightly to my back, he knelt on the bed and turned around.  He placed me gently on the bed, resting himself between my legs.  His jeans were open and hugging his waist loosely as he rested his body against mine.  “Tell me you want me, Dani.  I want to hear you say it.”


His mouth hovered over my breast, waiting to hear the words flow from my mouth.  “I want you, Nick,” I said softly, pushing my body up against his. 


“I didn’t hear you, Daniella.  Say it again,” he growled. 


Whimpering softly, wanting to feel his mouth on my breast, his hands on my body, his body inside mine, I said louder, “I want you Nick.  Just you, just me.”  My chest heaved and he nodded, his lips attaching to my breast.  I moaned as his tongue flicked over my nipple. 


“You like that, huh?”  I nodded as my fingers pulled on the softness of his hair.  My body jerked under his, anticipating every move he was going to make.  His mouth hungrily suckled my nipple.  His eyes smiled as the short, gaspy groans escaped my mouth.  “Oh… oh…” 


Nick’s tongue left my hard nipple as he moved to the valley between my breasts.  His tongue lavished my skin.  Not missing one spot, he slowly made his way towards my other breast where he was greeted with a surprise.


“Aren’t you the kinky one?” he smirked, lowering his mouth and tugging on the ring that rested in my nipple.  After pulling at it with his teeth, Nick’s tongue managed to flick over the tip of my hardened rosebud.  Knowing it would only bring me pleasure, he bit down on my nipple twisting the ring around with his tongue. 


“You like that?” he asked, his mouth returning to my ring as quick as he removed it.


“Oh yeah,” I moaned.  My back arched off the bed, pressing my stomach into his chest. 


“Eager too, huh?” he smiled, withdrawing his mouth from my breast and slowly lavishing his tongue under my breast.  His hands trembled slightly as he caressed my sides.  Nick’s mouth kissed nervously around my stomach at my belly button.  His tongue lapped and darted innocently around my navel.  His fingers inched under the elastic strap of my panties and, painfully slow, he started lowering them from my body. 


Nick’s tongue concentrated on my lower stomach while his hands worked my panties completely from my body.  As they passed my knees, Nick knelt on the bed and pulled away from my legs.  He smiled at me, his grin almost sinister.  Shifting his body between my legs he raising my left one and held my foot before mouth.  The tip of his tongue ran from my heel to my big toe, engulfing it in his warm mouth.  I watched as his eyes closed, his tongue working its magic over my toe. 


With his eyes moving slowly over my body, he place my left foot back on the bed and lifted my right, rendering the same treatment to it.  Once again his eyes closed as the sweet torture to my toe continued.  I watched his every move, the way this mouth sucked sweetly over my toe.  He ran his tongue over my toe before he returned my foot to the bed.


“Say it again, Dani.  I want to hear you say it,” he growled, pushing my legs against the bed and started his slow accent up my body.  “Tell me what you want.” 


Nick stopped at my thigh, lowering his body to the bed and resting his head on my leg.  He kissed my inner thigh waiting to hear what he wanted to hear.  “I want you Nick.  I want you to taste me…I want to feel your body inside mine.  Please Nick…” I didn’t want to beg and he must’ve sensed that. 


Gently he pushed my legs apart and moved his fingers towards my center.  His finger dipped into my warmth feeling my body wrap around him.  Slowly his finger began moving at a pace only he could control.  His tongue moved closer to my warmth as he pulled his finger from me.  His tongue quickly replaced his fingers, diving deep inside my body.  Almost instantly my hand wrapped through his hair.  I gasped loudly, not able to control my urges.  Instinctively I raised my hips off the bed, allowing him to enter me more. 


Nick groaned as my nectar filled his tongue.  The vibrations caused my orgasm to come quicker.  Nick smiled to himself as he felt my body shudder against his face.  Once my trembling ceased he withdrew his tongue, pressing it against my swollen clit momentarily, before running his tongue over my drawn stomach.  “Are you okay, Dani?”


I never answered.  I pulled him closer to me, feeling his hardened length pressing urgently against my thigh and his tongue eagerly seeking my mouth.  Each time our tongues touched a moan left his throat.  I finally broke our kiss, seductively running my tongue over his jaw.  “What are you doing, Daniella?” he sighed. 


“I want to please you, Nick.”  I brought my eyes up to his and saw the hesitancy in them.  “Don’t tell me no, Nick.  It’s something I want to do for you.  Roll over please,” I asked sweetly.  Nick finally gave in, rolling first to his side then to his back.  I slowly sat up and looked over at him.  “First thing I need to do is get you out of those clothes.”  My hand went to his waist and slowly began tugging at his pants and boxers.  He lifted his hips off the bed, a smile spread across his face as he watched my every move.  I eased myself off the bed, pulling the remnants of his clothes with me. 


I crawled back up on the bed, kneeling next to him.  My fingers ran down his stomach, showing him the path my mouth would shortly follow.  He watched my finger circle his navel and continue slowly moving down his body.  I purposely avoided his lower stomach and traced a line down his thigh. 


His lower lip was captured between his teeth.  He watched intently as I moved closer to him and straddled his waist.  He moved his head forehead, trying in vain to capture my breast in his mouth.  I slowly pushed his head back until our eyes met.  I shook my head once our eyes made contact.  His hands held my waist as I lowered my head to his neck.  My lips brushed softly over his skin.  I lowered myself down his body, stopping only to tease his warm skin.  My tongue quickly flicked over his nipples before I continued my downward journey.


Nick’s arms slowly drifted up my body from my waist as I slowly kissed down his chest, stopping at his stomach.  I smiled slightly as Nick squirmed when my fingers touched his tummy.  “Nick?”


“I have a sensitive stomach,” he replied, trying to push me away.  I shook my head, my fingers splaying across his stomach and I lowered my mouth to kiss him once again.  “Dani, what are you doing?” he asked, slightly uncomfortable with my attention to his stomach.


I reached up, my fingers dancing along his lips, and whispered, “Helping you get over your sensitive stomach and I’m trying to please you.  Just sit back and relax, okay?  I want you to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed what you did for me.”  Nick kissed the tips of my fingers before giving me a chance to pull them away from his lips.  I returned to his stomach, closing my eyes and allowing my tongue taste every inch of his stomach.  His uneasiness soon passed as his fingers tangled in my hair, pulling me closer to him.  “Like it now, don’t you Nick?” I asked, moving further down his body.


“Yeah,” was the only word able to escape his lips.  His fingers wrapped tighter through my hair, trying to pull me closer to him once he saw my position. 


“Nick, if you keep doing that, I won’t do anything and I’ll ask you to leave.  Do I need to move your hands away from me?” I asked, cringing from the slight pain his grip was giving me.


“What?  Why?”  I cringed again, pulling his hands away from my head. 


I crawled up his body, sitting on his stomach.  “You’re hurting me.  I want to enjoy this just as much as you but I can’t if you’re hurting me, okay?” 


He smiled wryly and brought his hand up to caress my face.  “I’m sorry, Dani.  I didn’t realize I was hurting you.”  He pulled me to him, his mouth covering mine as our tongues fought for control in our mouths.  I pulled away, kissing his cheek quickly, as I slid down his body once again. 


I deliberately licked my lips, knowing his eyes were following my mouth.  My hand held the base of his penis as I slowly began tormenting him.  I slowly licked his length stopping at his tip.  As I used my mouth to please him, I watched the expression on his face.  Pain when I scraped my teeth along his length, pleasure when my hand squeezed him tightly.  His eyes were closed tightly when my tongue pressed against his slit. 


I heard him groan and whispered my name.  My hand stroked his length, first slowly – teasingly slow – then rapidly, causing his breath to catch in this throat.  “Dani,” he moaned. 


I felt his vein begin to throb and sucked harder, wanting him to feel the pleasure I felt earlier.  “Dani.  Oh man, Dani.  Don’t stop,” he groaned.  His hands grabbed a handful of sheets as I squeezed him one final time.  He emptied himself in my mouth, moaning as he did so.  His chest continued to heave as I finally pulled my mouth away from him. 


My hands ran up and down his chest as my body followed suit.  I kissed my way back up his body.  I kissed his neck and pulled away looking at the smile that adorned his face.  “What are you smiling at?”


“You,” he said, his right hand caressing my cheek while his left arm wrapped around my waist.  “I’m thinking about how sexy you are and now much I enjoyed what we did so far tonight.  And I’m looking forward to what’s gonna come.”  Nick’s hand slid down my back, cupping and squeezing my ass.  I groaned with each squeeze feeling him pull me flush against him.  Not one part of our bodies didn’t touch.  His warm lips danced across my neck.  “Who are you thinking about?  You thinking about me? Or him?”


My fingers wrapped in his hair, pulling at his short locks.  My breathing increased rapidly as my eyes met his.  “Who do you think?” I smiled before lowering my mouth to his.  My tongue entered his mouth, almost surprising him.  Not breaking any of our contact, he rolled us over until he was comfortable resting against me.  His tongue matched mine thrust for thrust, his hips – his length – pushing into my thigh. 


Nick pulled away from me, the hunger apparent in his eyes.  A low sensual groan escaped my throat.  Nick licked my throat stopping at my chin.  “I want you, Dani.”


“I want you too, Nick.”  He kissed the corner of my mouth and pulled away kneeling on the bed.  He tilted his head to the side and eyed my body.  “I’m gonna have you now.  That okay?”  His lip curled in the corner, a smirk crossing his face.


I couldn’t speak.  I watched as he spread my legs and climbed between them.  My eyes watched his torso and slowly walked up his body meeting his smiling eyes.  I reached out for him, my hands squeezing his upper arms.  I pulled him down to me smiling wider when his chest rested against mine.  He raised his eyebrow, his eyes connecting with mine.  He lowered his arm down my body and once he rested it on my leg he wrapped it around his waist.  I wrapped my other leg around his waist staring at him.  His hand moved between our body’s placing himself at my entrance.


I realized then that he was going to tease me. 


“You are evil, Nick.”  My hands ran down his body stopping at his ass.  “Nick, please,” I whispered.


“Please what?” he growled, slowly entering my body.  He stopped himself from moving.  I noticed a tightening in his jaw as I watched his face.  “Nick, you’re teasing.” 


He nodded, resting his head in the crook of my neck.  He kissed my cheek and inserted his entire length inside me.  I closed my eyes and bit my lip.  “You’re so warm Dani.” 


“You feel so good, Nick,” I sighed.  My arms were wrapped around his shoulders holding him as close to me as I could.  He was suckling my neck, moaning with each of his movements.  I bit my lip, trying to suppress my impending moan, as Nick began quickly kissing his way towards my breast.  He took my nipple in his mouth, his tongue flicking wildly around my ring. 


A low, sensual, ragged moan escaped my throat and I heard Nick chuckle.  With my ring clamped tightly in his teeth, his lips surrounding my nipple, Nick said, “So you do like this huh?”


My eyes were closed tightly.  I was thrusting my hips against his, wanting to feel more of him inside of me.  I ran my fingers up his back, stopping only when I found the softness of his blonde hair.  I pulled at his blonde locks, unleashing him from my breast and bringing him to my mouth.


His tongue traced my lips before entering my mouth.  His right hand rested on the back of my thigh, pulling my leg around his waist.  I lifted my other leg around his waist, moaning as our bodies continued moving as one.  “Dani,” Nick breathlessly sighed, “you feel so good, Dani.” 


My body began trembling beneath his, my hips pushing urgently into his.  “Nick?”  I knew what was coming.  I closed my eyes in anticipation, wanting to feel warm all over.  Then Nick stopped moving.


Our chests heaved.  Our lips were parted.  Our eyes met.  “Why did you stop?” I said, in one breath. 


“I want this to last.  I don’t want to leave you,” he said, kissing my cheek.  “Are you okay?”


I laughed slightly, my muscles tightening around him inside me, causing him to groan in my ear.  “Don’t do that.  It’s making me crazy.”  He stole a kiss… sweet and full of passion.   Do you like this?  Do you like how I feel?  Do you like how I feel inside you like this?”


I rolled my hips against his, crying out from the pleasure.  Nick began moving once again, his face overcome with pleasure.  “Dani,” he gasped. 


“Nick.”  His mouth captured mine, his tongue tangling with mine.  My fingers were wrapped through his hair as I fought to gain control of my body.  “Nick,” I yelled, my body not able to take his sweet torture anymore. 


“Yeah,” he groaned, pushing further into me.  He buried his face against my neck as we both came to orgasm.  Cries of pleasure left my mouth as I pulled him closer to me.  He continued to move within me until he could move no more.  Closing his eyes and resting his forehead against my cheek, his slid himself from my body.


“Don’t say anything, okay?  I don’t want any words or any regret to ruin what just happened with us.  You don’t regret this do you?” 


Nick moved beside me, resting on his side and his fingers playing with my stomach.  “No, I don’t regret this.” 


“Good,” Nick sighed into my ear.  He pulled my closer to him, his hands running up and down my arm.  “Let’s get some sleep.  I’ll stay with you.”  He rolled to his back, rolling me with him.  Once he was comfortable with me in his arms, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.  I too, followed.


A few hours later I woke up when I felt Nick move away from me.  Sleepily I said, “Where you going?”


After pulling up his boxers he sat on the bed and held my hand, whispering, “I have a flight to catch.  I’m spending the holidays with AJ this year.”


I nodded, sitting myself up in the bed.  I watched as he got himself ready before joining me at the bed once again.  “No regrets, right?  We both needed this.” 


“No regrets,” I softly replied. 


“Good.  I will see you again, Daniella.  I swear to that.”  I smiled sweetly, wanting to believe his words, but not sure if he could make them come true. 


He leaned down kissing me one last time before he left.  “Happy Thanksgiving, Dani.”  I watched as he left the room, his shirt over his shoulder and his sneakers hooked under his fingers. 


“Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Nick.” 


The End


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