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Unity of Faith Community Church

Below you will find links to our fundraiser this year. We have decided to brave the wilds of the AUCTION scene. Horrifying though that may seem to many ... we are fighting a good fight for a good cause.

We've, admittedly, run across several so far that have run a con on our church. We hope that the good people visiting this site ... are of a different breed. We hope to gain the finance to help purchase our first Homeless shelter and update the rather run down condition of our main rectory. It rains both outside AND inside *lol*.

Our terms are simple and Paypal is encouraged and happily accepted. If you choose PayPal, I will send you a 'request for payment', simply click on the link and ... done. We also accept Postal Money Orders and Cashier's Checks. At no time will we accept Bidpay or Western Union. Also, if you send what has been called a QCHEX ... I will return it without comment. I won't take those checks.

I look forward to seeing all of you there and enjoy your purchases. I will forward a $100.00 gift certificate towards your next purchase as well as a receipt for your taxes upon completion of any transaction.

Rev Guinevere Vestich - Pastor Unity of Faith Community Church

Our FundRaiser Items

Panosonic Camcorder
Compaq Computer w/250g HD & Flat Screen Monitor
DVD Dream System
DVD Portable Slot Load
XBox w/3 games & 2 Controllers
Bluetooth Flip Phone (not a cell phone)