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A Web Index to other Links

Click on the Map to learn more About your Colony

Plymouth Colony Archive Project

See what the currency looked like for your colony

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Colonial Williamsburg

Mayflower History and Information

History of Jamestown

Virtual Jamestown

13 Colonies from Britanica Online

13 Colonies

Founding of the 13 Colonies from Britanica

Famous Explorors

Look up Famous Americans on American National Biography

History of Jamestown

Time Line and Articles from Library of Congress

History of Delaware

Occupations and Work in Colonial Times

Maryland Timeline

New Jersey History

New York History

North Carolina History

Photos of Colonial Areas

Agriculture and Food

Plantation Agriculture

Agriculture and Education in Colonial America

The History of Maple Syrup in America

What did the Colonists Eat?

Colonial Cooking

Early American Cooking

Corn Cake Recipe

Apple Tansey Recipe

Homemade Butter Recipe

Columbian Exchange

Seeds of Change: Commemorating the Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange: Plants, Animals, and Disease between the Old and New Worlds

Changes from the Old and New Worlds Meeting

Columbian Exchange from World

Columbian Exchange Powerpoint from Kent State University

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