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Thomas Windlow, Psychic and Medium Thomas Windlow




Hello and thank you for visiting. I'd like to introduce you to a person who has a great gift, his name is Thomas Windlow. He is a medium and a natural psychic. Please take your time visiting this website to get more information about Thomas and his gift that he generously shares with others for he feels he must give rather than receive. Thomas also has dedicated time to doing free readings on paltalk. You can get to paltalk by downloading it Here. I am very extremely fortunate to be Tom's assistant and I pray every day and every night that I never stop being his assistant, this is my way of being of service to who ever needs it, but enough about me, Tom is the one that is totally connected to the Creator and his abilities are many in the psychic field but not only in the psychic field, also in the mediumship field as well, he can heal you, I promise you I am not lying, he does and you feel it immediately, he healed me in a way that I was wanting to be healed, I have a chronic condition and he zoned in to that immediately and has given me a better way of life because I can laugh once more, my life is very limited because of my condition and Tom has given me life, yes, life, just like I am typing here, I could go on for hours but I just want to say that It's a generous and noble soul the one that wants to give his 100% to people rather than receive. Thank you for visiting here, you wont be sorry, this is a special website. To Visit The Pages, Just Scroll Down And You Wont Miss Them. Thank You.

Thomas' Teachings

Fees for Psychic Readings by Thomas Windlow

Thomas Is Available For Company Functions. Please call the office at 513-943-1638 Or Please call Mystical Wind Spiritual Center $75.00 Tape included Call for an Appointment. Pay Pal accepted (visa, Master Card through Pay Pal) Please Check in Monthly for Classes that Thomas will Teach at Mystical Wind Spiritual Center Phone 513-769-4135 the classes will be taught are Healing yourself and Others Calling in Angels, Intuitive Development communicating with Angels and Guides, Osho Zen Tarot.

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Would you like to schedule a reading? Please call my office at (513) 943-1638. We Now offer Phone readings at my new center 513-769-4135 I have several readers that can help in this area. I myself will tune in to your guides and angels and give you information in all areas of your life in which you may have questions and are struggling with. I find that my accuracy in phone readings are just as good as if you are sitting in front of me. My guides know who you are and they will provide me with all the information. Visa / Master card excepted through PAY PAL .

Thomas Windlow

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