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STJTOCC- St. Jude Thaddeus Old Catholic Church on the internet


This is not a Church in the Classical Sense, it does not have walls, a confessional, pews, an alter, nor a crucifix. But this is my virtual church. This church is dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus-the Patron Saint of the Impossible. This is my way of thanking St. Jude Thaddeus for the help he has given me, on my way to finding God. This will serve as my Church until i graduate from seminary and can afford to build my own within the real world. I will be a working priest in the Independent Catholic faith. Meaning that I will be self supported (by having a fulltime job as well as my priestly duties). I am also a Husband and a Father, therefore I would need to provide for them, as well as for my church. I currently hold a ministers license having been ordained a non-denominational Reverend over a year ago. I am in FULL support of the Independent Catholics and Old Catholics joining in one unified group.

My hopes for this church in physical form


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