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Installation help

Using themes in windows xp :
1. Unzip to c/windows/resources/themes
2. right click on your desktop and click on properties click on it and then you should see it previewed in the sample window
4. click apply and then ok

To use desktop themes you need to have at least w98 or w95 plus installed on your computer.
After downloading the file, please note whether the file is in the .exe or .zip format.
If the file is in the .exe format, just click on the file and it should self install into the correct directory automatically.
If the file is in the zip format, you will need an unzipping utility such as winzip, to extract the files.
Or for a free one try ultimate zip.
Extract files to C/program files/plus/themes.
Then click on start, settings, control panel, and look for your desktop theme manager.
Open it and you should see a drop down box at the top.
Click on the drop down box and you should see your new theme listed there.
Click on the name of the theme and you will see a preview of the theme.
You can uncheck any of the features that you do not want to use, if any.
Then click on apply and enjoy your new theme!

Helpful Hints

If you get an error message that states it does not appear to be a valid archive :
1. If you are using a download manager it may be causing problems - download it without the manager.
2. The other thing could be WinZip8 - If you use WinZip8 try to install without the Theme Wizard.

If you are still having problems, contact me and I will try to help !