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~ Searching for Saundra ~
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Update 06-09-05

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This is my Adoption Search Website

....My Hobby - Collecting People....

This is me.."Cowgirl Amy" a/k/a Amy Sue Fetzer..originally named Stephanie Denise Strong, DOB 09-05-1963, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This search has been a long, long journey. I am in adoption search limbo it seems. Nonetheless, I will prevail piecing together every small piece of the puzzle until complete.

And while I have not found the most important link to my past, I have had the pleasure of collecting family members and good friends along the way. Each find brings joy..both for me and for them I believe.

Please visit my pages - you will find the links to the left of this page. My contact information is located on the "About Me" page.