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In 1998 a group of sports fans who were faithful listeners to WKNR 1220 Cleveland (now at 850AM), started playing fantasy sports on Yahoo. Rivalries were born, friendships were made and the competition was extraordinary! This is the feeble attempt to give credit to the winners. It is however not complete. If you can fill in some of the blanks please email me at THANKS AND GO KREW!


1998 - ?
1999 - ?
2000 - Roadkrew -Juicers(Steve J.), Roadkrew 3/2 - Lakewood
2001 - Roadkrew3 - MiteyMiteRedSox (Tracy Miller), Roadkrew4 - MiteyMiteRedSox (Tracy Miller)
2002 -Roadkrew Classic V - Fantasy Junkie (Tracy Miller), Roadkrew Auto Pick -Funky Monkeys (Rick Roberts), Roadkrew AllSports 1/2 - Spongebobsquarepants (Tracy Miller)
2003 -Roadkrew Classic Hawks 2 (Tracy Miller), Roadkrew Keeper - Hiland (Tracy Miller)



1999 - ?
2000 -"Classic" Bulldogs-(Tracy Miller), New Generation - Nimrods(Steve J.), Roadkrew3 - Garfield Gargoyles(Steve A.), Salary Cap - Mr. Music(Rick Roberts)
2001 - "Classic"-GlenOak Golden Eagles(Tracy), Roadkrew3- Rocky Racoon (Kevin), Salary Cap - Mr Music(Rick Roberts), RoadkrewFFL - Jedi Web Master(Paul)
2002 -"Classic": Scorpions, Cleve-Sports Rejects: Wize Guyz -(Tony L), All Sports2: Smokers,RENTWAY: Tigers (Harry F.), CSAP: Lakewood Browns (Phil Saunders Jr.), ESPN Gridiron:Cleveland Sports Raiders (Kevin Pierce)


1999-00 -Pat Mitchell*
2000-01 - HiLand Hawks - Tracy Miller
2001-02 - HiLand Thugs - Tracy Miller
2002-03-CFO Bricklayers

* According to some players, collusion between Pat's team and his brother, Helped him win! :)

NFL Pickem

2000 - FerryFan
2001 - FerryFan
2002 -The NEW Professor - Roger King


2000-01 -Amish Sticks-Tracy Miller
2001-02 -Defenders
-Tracy Miller
2002-03 -ThreePeaters
- Tracy Miller


2000 - Xena's UKcats (David)
2001 - Lakewood Pars
2002 -Hiland Hackers (Tracy Miller)
2003-Nebraska Hackers


2000 - Taxi Squad - Bruce
2001 -Roadrunners
2002 -Grotto Pizza Racing (Pat)
2003 -The Langoliers
2004 -?

College Hoops

2002 -Xena's UKcats - David
2003 -?

NCAA Tourney

2002 -I Don't Watch Basketball - Rick Roberts
2003 -?

World Cup Soccer

2002 -Soccer is not Football - Rick Roberts

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Oscar Pickem

2002 -The Oscars are a Joke - Rick Roberts

2003 -If eminem wins an OSCAR I'llpuke - Rick Roberts
Tie! Oscar the Grouch - Tracy Miller