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RISE UP FAMILY DAYCARE  was incorporated on August 31, 2002 in the city of Newark, state of New Jersey. The facility is run from a four-level, one-family home on the quiet street of Hedden Terrace. 

Hedden Terrace is a long tree-lined one way street accessible from W. Runyon and Hawthorne Avenue and leads to the main road, Clinton Avenue.  Hedden Terrace is filled with privately owned homes and is a street lively with children of all ages.  Hedden Terrace has an entrance into Cooper Park which leads to the playgrounds of Clinton Avenue Elementary School and Newark Community Pre-school. 

RISE UP FAMILY DAYCARE is proud to start its operations in the heart of an area that thrives on education, development, and social revenues for its children.  

RISE UP FAMILY DAYCARE is a fully-facilitated center with seating and sleeping arrangements, educational tools, books, computers, and toys - all in a home environment.




OCTAVIA HODGES:: Principal Child Care Provider and Founder  

With a B.A. in Sociology, Octavia, 26 years old, has founded Rise Up Family Daycare with the basic prinicpal of providing a safe, educational, and fun daycare center for the children of New Jersey. 

She has worked in the field of Daycare for seven years. She graduated from Arts High School in Newark, majoring in Music. Her background consists of songwriting in which one of her compositions was featured in the production "HOOKED! My Dad Became a User" which starred Kim Fields and was performed at the Newark Symphony Hall in 1989.  

Her background also consists of several Parenting and Daycare workshops offered by the State of New Jersey, and Psychology and Social Science courses.  She enjoys creative writing, music, and has studied Spanish and Japanese.


ANDREA HODGES:: Assistant Child Care Provider and Secretary 

An Arts High School graduate majoring in Fine Arts, Andrea, 50 years old, is a mother of seven children. Her lifelong experience studying in Moslim Temples as a young woman, and as a member of the Black Panther Organization during the 60's has helped her develop strong traits for African American equality. 

She has worked in the field of Hospital Care and has worked as a Secretary/Office Manager for a prominent Realtor/Construction company in Irvington.


EBONY HODGES:: Daycare Aid

A recent graduate of Arts High School, music major, Ebony is gaining her hands-on experience in the field of childcare.

She actively and enthusiastically lends her helping hands around the center. 


ANETHEA VEENMAN::  Contracted Outside Legal Advisor and Computer Consultant 

With a B.A. in Law from Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland, and Computer Certification from T.B.I Business Institute, Anethea provides Legal Advice and Computer services for us. 

An Arts High School graduate majoring in Music, Anethea has worked for law offices  in Newark and in Holland, and has worked in the computing field for over 10 years.  Her background consists of Sociology studies, Criminal Justice studies and French, Japanese, and Dutch studies.

She enjoys writing novels,  music, and politics.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we operate and how we can provide a safe, educational and fun learning experience for your child that is farmost AFFORDABLE.  Don't Forget to visit our Photo Tour by clicking HERE!

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