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June 27 2003, 7:10 PM
Well, I realized that some of the teachers have given us some information about the NEW teachers that are coming... So I have decided to post the information on SOME of the teachers here... Hope you guys like it...

For Spanish Class, replacing Señora Lisa Maria Nord Ojeda will be a teacher named Ms. Jodi. She is from New York and according to Señora, she has a lot of experienced in teaching and this will be her first year to teach students in Thailand... Just hope that she is nice... Because the night before, I dreamth that this teacher is REALLY strict..... Is this an omen??

For Art Class, replacing Ms. Joanne Moon will be a teacher who's a guy. And yes, he's from the US too. But he will be totally different from Ms. Jo. Why? Because Ms. Jo teaches drawing, painting, popart... basically focusing on the drawing and painting sides... But this new teacher will be more into SCULPTURES... So those who signed up for General Art next year, get your hands ready because you'll be sculpturing stuff!

As for Grade 8 Social Studies Class, replacing Mr. John Mazuroski will be Mr. Kevin Curran, a teacher who left at the end of the school year in 2002 to take a break. Don't worry people, this teacher is REALLY nice. He's really funny and those who get him will be really lucky!

Well, that's all I know about the teachers stuff... If you guys know more, post them in the Shoutbox or at the Message Board!


June 12 2003, 1:27 PM
LIVE CHAT Scheduled: June 21 2003 at 7:00 PM. Don't forget to join in!


As you all know, many teachers from the Middle School are leaving this year. Who are they? Well, there's:
(In alphabetical Order)
1.) Mr. John Brown (Grade 7 Language Arts & Social Studies)
2.) Mr. Tom Ehrhart (Grade 8 Language Arts)
3.) Mr. Daniel Magie (Grade 6 Language Arts & Social Studies and Grade 6 Drama)
4.) Mr. John Mazuroski (Grade 8 Social Studies, Grade 8 English Plus and RISK Magazine)
5.) Ms. Joanne Moon (Art)
6.) Mrs. Lisa Nord (Spanish)
7.) Mr. Brad Pashby (Grade 6 Science)
8.) Mr. Stewart Ross (Grade 8 Language Arts and Grade 8 Values)
Some of these teachers have taught here for many years, for example, Mr. Tom Ehrhart, who taught at RIS for about 11 years. Teachers like Mr. Daniel Magie, Mr. Brad Pashby, Ms. Joanne Moon, and Mr. John Mazuroski have taught at RIS for a couple of years already. As for Mrs. Lisa Nord, a.k.a. Señora Lisa Maria Nord Ojeda, who only taught at RIS for one year, is moving to Virginia to stay with her husband, Andrew Nord, who is in the U.S. marine. Why? Well, they just got married so she wants to spend more time with him... get it? Mr. Ross and Mr. Brown are just moving to teach at other schools after teaching at RIS for many, many years.