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Well, the school year has finally ended and we have finished 7th grade! Woo-Hoo! Seven down, five more to go.
So even though we're revelling in the laziness of summer days (and its heat), you have to admit that boredom still has a way of creeping up on you. So even though your days are filled with hanging with friends and taking short trips out of town, you have to admit that playing Ragnarok and watching MTV & Channel V can get a tad bit boring after a while.
So I've put together this little site here for you guys to come together despite the fact that a lot of us have gone abroad for summer, and keep in touch. Check out the [ Latest News ] bit to keep up with all the latest happenings going on with other peeps from the Class of 2008. So pull up a seat, kick back, and feel free to browse around. See ya guys around!

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please be patient!

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