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Welcome to Caption This! On this page, you will find YOU or YOUR FRIENDS pictures captioned. Now, remember, these are meant to be funny. If anybody is offended by them, you can either email me or tell me on MSN Messenger that you don't like it and I'll take it down as soon as possible. Well, here are the captions! Note: They might take a long time to load because there are about five pictures or so...

Kritithy: Ain't we cool?
Hirun: Hahaha, ya-hah!
Kritithy: Agent Kritithy and...
Hirun: Agent Hirun
Both: Here to rescue you all from Aliens!


Behind the scenes of the Sticker Picture taking... Note: This is a THREE seconds type... Yeah... So, that's the result...


Neramit: Man! My fingers smell gooooooood.....
Sang Min: Yeah right...


A beautiful (not!) pose of Homeroom 7-2 at the Advisement Trip to Pattaya's Redemptorist Center... Note: The reason why we're all squinting our eyes, well, that's because the SUN was shining DIRECTLY into our faces... Thank you for the spot, Mr. Mike!

So, did u guys like that? Well, whatever it is, hang on, because the next caption set will be coming up next week!