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Loudonville Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail

The Grist Mill Trail is a multiuse trail that, when completed, will connect the two sides of Riverside Park, then follow Ohio State Route 3 South in Loudonville out to the Pine Run / Wolf Creek Grist Mill , along the way connecting to the 25 mile Mohican Mountain Bike Trail. Currently, only a 1 1/4 mile primitive section is completed on the north side of Route 3 between Loudonville's Riverside Park and the Mohican Visitors Center .

Parking for the trail is at the Wally Road Ballparks. It then crosses the Mohican River on the Pathway Bridge, connecting to the Wally Ballparks. It then turns left, and follows beside Wally Road, until it connects to State Route 3. It follows Route 3 on its north side until the Village Limits-Mohican State Park property line. Here, the trail splits into two, becoming bike lines. The trail continues, with the southbound lane continuing along Route 3, until it ends at its connection to the Mohican Visitors Center parking lot. For the more adventurous (young kids not recommended), you can continue south, along a wide shoulder to the Grist Mill, or go around the lot, under the bridge (a primitive path), and connect to the northbound bike lane at the Mohican Campgrounds Class A Parking and enters the forest, where a spur connects with the
Mohican Mountain Bike Trail.

I would like it to connect at Wally Road to a dream trail of mine, The Wally Scenic Trail.

Trail Review

I have rode this trail twice, with the last ride being in early October 2012. On this ride, with the new bridge and fully paved, it was a smooth ride. The only issue I had was during the short section through the trees, I had to avoid the fallen walnuts. Other then that, an enjoyable ride. Food along the way is along the Route 3 section, a business area the locals call "The Miracle Mile". An enjoyable ride, with hopes of the connection to the Grist Mill being completed.

Trail Specifics

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