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Submitted Photos

Have some Photos you want to be posted? Then send them in and i'll try to post them as best i can. Theres just a couple requirements.


1. Must be WWII related 1/6 scale.
2. Can be any brand figure. 21c, dragon, Joe or any other.
3. Can be your picture of a World War 2 vehicle or equipment.
4. Make sure your happy with the photos, because they'll be displayed to the world :)

If you have a photo that meets the requirements then just send me an e-mail. Ill try to post them as soon as i can.

Submitted Photos

This is our very first photo submission. Its from fellow 1/6er Andrew Youngman. When i first saw these, i did a double take! Very good work indeed. Thanks Andrew for the submission!

These Pictures are from Paul Lafosse, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. This is what he says:
"hope you find thes interesting. the vech is my home built 222.The mortar is home made too."

Very good looking work indeed. Thanks for the submission.