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Links Page

Hello and welcome to the links section. These are links to some of the best sites for 1/6 on the net. If you would like to have you link posted please let me know

First and foremost is this site:

Panzerjager's and Oddball's Battlezone

This is the site that got me interested in the 1/6 scale hobby. Its full of great story lines, and cool Customs 1/6 scale items (tanks and Guard posts). This has to be my favorite site on the net (be sure to check out "The Lucky Luger").

The Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page This site is a great 1/6 site. Tons of pic's (over 1k!) and not just WWII. Love this site also, helped me get into 1/6 :).

Driftwoods Hot Joe Links This site had over 500 1/6 Links!!! Be sure to check it out!

Panzer Werks This site does custom work for 1/6 vehicles. Cool site head on over and check it out :)

Wartime Structures Maker of scale buildings

One Sixth Blitz - Great site, check it out :)

Sixty Drivers Site. Full of custom made stuff. AWESOME STUFF!!!

Great discussion board :). Check it out

This is in my opinion the best 1/6 scale figure maker. Check them out for great WWII stuff, and others.

Most of the troops on the page are from the 21st Century Toy Company. Cool stuff, and a lot more detail than your average GI Joe.