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OFFICE NUMBER 513.202.1426
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Clairvoyant - Clairaudient - Clairsentient - Psychic Medium - Intuitive Development & Assessment Mentor - Animal Communication

Since 1996, Psychic Vickiveil has provided readings for clients from across the globe by email, telephone and in person from her Cincinnati, Ohio office. From celebrities & law enforcement to college students & homemakers, her sixth sense combined with spiritual council provides understanding and clarity for life's daily issues to difficult situations. Within moments, Vicki's compassion and humor is evident.

Vicki is a full time reader and guest speaker/author. This is her career, life and faith.

Vicki's first recurring radio spot began in the year 2000 on Angel Waves Radio - 1530 AM. Each Monday evening from 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM (eastern standard time) Vicki joined the shows creator & long tim DJ, Maureen McCullough to discuss spiritual topics. The show was a live broadcast, out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but heard from its night tower as far north as Canada, into Mississippi...reaching into Miami, Florida!

Vicki reflects back to her WSAI radio debut ... "I know for certain, the Angels were watching over me when they placed me with someone like Maureen McCullough for those 2 years on Angel Waves. If you have heard Maureen, for even 3 short minutes, you know yourself, she is the best of the best. Her on air personality is her off air personality. She is patient, loving and engaging. I was scared to death to do my first 30 minutes on air. I had absolutely no training - and I never ever dreamed I would do a radio show! When Maureen asked me to join the show, which initially was supposed to be a one time appearance, she told me to just tell my story in the same manner I had shared it with her in private. She told me the most important thing - no dead air! Which at that time, me being quite the novice, I thought she meant I should not talk about those who had crossed over! LOL - As we started the show, I took a deep breath, and the next thing I knew - the show was over! Over? How could it be? I had more to tell! ;) It was only a few weeks later when the Monday night resident psychic decided to leave the show that Maureen asked me to take her place! I could have never hand picked a better mentor, friend and teacher than Maureen."

Each week Vicki started the broadcast with a book chat. The ladies would discuss not only the latest popular Metaphysical books but some of the oldies but goodies! From John Edwards, One Last Time to Ruth Montgomery's vintage writing - Here & Hereafter.

The show would then open its phone lines to the listening audience where they could ask questions about their own spiritual path and have a mini psychic reading provided to them by Vicki.



Vickiveil was one of our most requested and esteemed psychic mediums.
She is knowledgeable, witty and reliable.
I am sure any station would find her of great benefit as a one time or ongoing guest."

Maureen McCullough
WSAI - 1530 AM
WLWT - News, Weather, Sports





  "Way to go Vickiveil!  I was amazed at your accuracy and delivery!
As far as radio personalities go, you are a pro!"

    Shawn Valentine
KOST 103.5 Los Angeles, Calif 
Host of Angels In Waiting *     Host of Lovesongs On The Coast



"Some of the countries top psychic mediums are right here in the tri-state area"

Clyde Gray
Anchor WCPO - Channel Nine News Cincinnati OH







Vicki is available for your radio broadcast:

* Provide readings for your listening audience.
Vicki is well versed with broadcasting time limitations,
fade outs to break, and on air forethought & discretions
in relation to her readings and conversation with hosts.

Topics that encourage call ins from your listening audience will be marked [interactive]
** Most topics listed below are also available for print / magazine / newspaper publication
as well as broadcast.

* To share stories of her development and acknowledgement of "being" psychic.
Hear Vicki's story of her own contact from her late mother ... "A Rose from Elysium"
- Heartwarming & enlightening true stories of after death communication
gathered over the past 15 years as a professional psychic medium.
- So does your family handle living with a psychic? Once again, true accounts taken
from Vicki's daily life as a wife, mom and grandmother. Ever wonder how you introduce your
wife or mom...when she is a well known psychic & medium?

* Topics of Interest
- Are YOU Psychic?
One may be surprised at the number of people who feel that they
experience "psychic symptoms". This format provides a brief description given by Vicki
on the various common denominators that those with psychic ability seem to share and
then open the phone lines for questions from the listening audience. [interactive]
- What Does A Psychic See? If you are a true psychic, then all you need to do is close your
eyes and voila' - the answer is there...right? WRONG! With this discussion topic Vicki will
describe how she receives her information thru her enhanced six senses.
- Is Your Home Haunted? "I cannot tell you how many people phone my office scared
half to death because they believe their home is haunted. In my experience, it is very rare
that there is a current presence in the home. And even rarer that the presence is harmful"
This topic will explain the difference between haunting, entity attachments, and residual
energy. [interactive]
-Soul Mates: "This is one of my all time favorite topics...the mate of the soul. But what if
we have MORE than one soul mate? And how can we tell when we have encountered
this all so special person?" This discussion will focus on the various types of soul mates
Vicki believes we have and answers the question "who is my soul mate?" The listening
audience may call in with their question about soul mates or questions about love &
relationships. [interactive]
-What To Expect (and not expect) with a psychic reading: Upfront and straight forward advice for the person who feels they may need a psychic reading. How to pick the right psychic for you. Danger signs when selecting a psychic. [interactive]
-Intuitive Dream Interpretations: Have Vicki provide on air dream interpretations for your callers and/or staff. This is one of the most popular presentations. Vicki doesn't believe a dream book can interpret individual dreams, she believes the symbolism inside your dream is personal and should be interpreted as such. Vicki believes dreams come thru for 3 different reasons. 1. You are visiting a previous lifetime 2. You are playing out a situation 3. It is a screensaver ... while your soul is astro-travelling. [interactive]

* Totally Interactive
- The Year Ahead Predictions -
Vicki will join your broadcast [also available for print work]
to provide the year ahead predictions for your local area, the United States, current topics in the news, or celebrities. 
- Call In Readings - Devote the entire broadcast time to call in readings. Listeners may ask questions on
love, relationships, finance, career, moving & relocation, family matters, their Angels & Spirit Guides, dream interpretations, soul mates, and more. Vicki is able to devise the readings in a time format you provide. Most often, phone lines will stay lit up for entire visit - with over 10 years experience in on air readings Vicki's readings stay brief while providing complete answers for your callers. [interactive]
-Animal Communication: Have your listeners phone in with questions about their pets. Vicki is able to address questions about missing pets, pets that have passed over, and questions pet owners may have about ... behavior issues - what is your pet thinking - their likes & dislikes - where was your pet before their adoption/rescue situation. [interactive]







Back order the 1st glossy edition of STAR MAGAZINE
and find out what Cincinnati's Psychic Vickiveil predicted for
the year ahead for Jen & Ben, Nick & Jessica, Tommy Lee & Pamela!
1-20-04 Edition

"Star asked a distinguished panel of experts 
to weigh in on highly important celebrity questions" 
the board included "special guest expert" 
Cincinnati's top psychic medium Vickiveil!

The panel also consisted of guest experts including
Victoria Gotti * Ryan Seacrest * Candance Bushnell

Vicki was promptly invited to participate in the following weeks
edition of STAR MAGAZINE to provide her intuitive input
on Princess Diana!
1-27-04 Edition



Vicki has become a frequent guest on the

Its easier to tell you what Kim doesn't address
on her syndicated radio show!

From psychics & dream interpretations
to celebrity stylists and top chefs...
(to name ONLY a few!)
The show is fun, informative and most of all...
interactive! You don't have to sit there and
wish you could ask your question. Kim stays
very involved and genuinely connected to her
guests & listening audience.

Keep an eye on the upcoming schedule by
visiting Kim's website by clicking on the link above
(some broadcasts are available on the Internet)
and she has a full list of Pod casts as well!

Check the schedule for Vicki's next visit and then
be sure to call in for your free on air reading!



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