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Office Hours for Phone Sessions    9 am to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time


We accept Paypal online.
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Sorry...Vicki does NOT provide free readings.

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Welcome to the Website of
Natural Psychic Vickiveil

16 years of providing professional psychic readings...
a lifetime of just knowing how things turn out.

Accurate & Practical Readings for People & Pets

Readings are offered by phone & email.
(sorry, we are not accepting in person readings at this time)

Phone readings are available MOST days from 9 am to 8 pm
Eastern Standard Time - NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED
You may phone the office between 9 AM & 8 PM....
if Vicki is available, she will provide your reading on the spot.

Office Hours for Phone Sessions
9 am to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time

This is NOT a 900 psychic line.
ALL readings are provided by Vicki.




Your Time With Kim
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OFFICE NUMBER 513-202-1426         Email -

Office Hours  9 am to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time


Before calling in for your telephone consultation please take time to read this information by



Psychic Medium Vickiveil
Psychic Services for People & Pets


Vickiveil's readings provide...
Psychic Insight with Spiritual Counseling

Vicki is known as a "natural psychic".
Her ability is an inherited trait, however,
Vicki is the 1st of her family to offer
professional psychic readings.

Psychic insight
Spiritual Counseling
Intuitive Assessments & Mentor Programs
Animal Communication

Insight with foresight on issues of



NO Gloom & Doom Readings!

Vicki's readings are not sugar coated...
she is going to share with you, what she senses.
Vicki believes that a huge portion of our life
is NOT carved in stone ... and that there are times ...
when an outcome ... can be CHANGED...

"No Gloom & Doom" doesn't mean,
Vicki is going to tell you what you would like to hear.
Perhaps there is a way to change how things are going?
Maybe you don't understand how the other person
is thinking or viewing your actions & words?

And for the times, when change is not an option...
possibly understanding why a situation has not
turned out in the way that you had hoped...
can be very healing.

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For your convenience:
We accept Visa / Master Card
thru our office 
PAYPAL via the Internet



Vicki's work as a keynote speaker on the psychic arts, radio personality, and guest author over the past sixteen years, coupled with her amazing accuracy, keen insights, and a very down to earth personality... has provided Vicki the opportunity to appear in various avenues of the media.

From STAR Magazine to Cincinnati Magazine ... Your Time with Kim Iverson to Angel Waves Talk Radio ... Vicki's work is professional, prompt and most of all interesting.

Take time to visit Vicki's testimonial page where you can read tributes & reviews from Vicki's colleagues and co hosts.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN HAVING VICKI JOIN YOUR RADIO STATION - PUBLICATION - EVENT? Email the office and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

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  This is not a 900 psychic line -- All readings are provided by Vicki.


Vicki is no longer offering in person consultations.
Vicki will continue to offer Telephone & Email Readings.

(all scheduled in person readings will be completed. Once
our appointments are complete, you may check this website
to view Vicki's upcoming schedule of in person events)







Specialized Readings on:

DREAMS: What do your dreams mean?
Why are you having recurring dreams?
How can you make myself dream about a certain topic?
Did you receive psychic information inside of my dream?

"I have never found a book on the meaning of dreams that could possibly apply
to every single person. Why? Because what is symbolic for you, may not be the
same symbolic meaning for me "

Vicki will assess your dream symbolically and with psychic insight.
Which means - you can finally understand your dream!

ANGELS: Who are YOUR Angels?
How to communicate with your Angels?
Have you had an encounter with an Angel?

PAST LIVES: Have you experienced a past life?
Have you experienced a past life with a certain person?
What type of life did you experience previously?

MEDIUMSHIP (After Death Communication) :
A mediumship reading is a total connection with loved ones & friends
who are passed over. If you would like to have a mediumship session
with Vicki via telephone, please let her know this is the type of reading
you would like BEFORE your validation process begins.

For complete details on Vicki's Animal Communication
you may click

If you have a missing pet please click here.



Do you feel like you have experienced psychic premonitions?
Does psychic ability seem to run in your family?
Do you get butterflies or nervous before certain situations & events?
Have you had dreams that have proven true?
Have people often referred to you as being "sensitive"?
Do you tend to be a "night owl" or an "early bird"?
Have you ever walked into a room and sensed tension?

Each of these things denote (but does not always confirm) psychic symptoms.
Vicki offers several various forms of psychic development sessions for those
who feel they may be experiencing "psychic symptoms".

The sessions range from a one time to several ongoing classes.

The psychic understanding and development consultations are offered
by email and/or telephone. It doesn't matter where you are located!

"To work with others who have natural psychic ability has always
been one of my favorite services to offer. I know how I felt once
I realized that this "common sense" I thought that I had, wasn't
all so "common" sense - but rather a "sixth sense" of knowing.
It wasn't the best news, frankly. I didn't grow up wanting to be
psychic or wanting to be A psychic. But, once I realized that the
information I was sensing, certainly seemed to be more than coincidence...
I decided to follow thru with the next step. I still take those same steps today.
Not everyone who is psychic is destined to do readings. But, I do feel if someone
has a strong sixth sense, they are destined to use that some manner.

So often, I hear that being psychic "Is a God Given Gift" - and I believe that
with my whole heart - however, if you do not know how to utilize the gift...
it doesn't always seem like a "Gift". Everyone has a "God Given Gift" ....
I watched an old friend of mine who had returned to college after having
3 children to become a special needs teacher ... the 1st time I watched her teach...
I realized...she had found HER gift....and that is the same time I realized, we all
have a special place & gift from just have to find it. Now, this doesn't mean
it will be easy ... once you learn your gift ... but I can say this ... once you find your
gift and you begin to use it ... you will definitely know it IS your gift."
































Before ordering, receiving a psychic reading with VickiVeil, please take the time to read the following, in full.

The readings provided by Psychic Vickiveil’s consultations are intended to offer a spiritual & positive look
into a person’s life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, medical or professional advice.

Your psychic consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.
Vicki’s readings are very clear, practical and honest.

If you feel that you do not understand what Vicki is saying in a reading, let her know.
Make sure, you hear what Vicki is saying over what you would wish she would say.

If you feel you are unable to understand a reading - or you feel you may not want to make changes in your life
to bring about a better outcome - its best that you decide against this reading.

By engaging in a reading with Vickiveil, you understand that Vicki does NOT
diagnose and/or predict DEATH and/or TERMINAL ISSUES! This is something decided between you and God.

This office (including staff & Vicki) reserves the right to refuse service to
any person, group or contact as and when we see fit.

Vicki remains to be one of very few professional psychics that offer a validation of connection
being hired for the telephone readings. Please continue to read on in order to understand this option.
This option is available for TELEPHONE READINGS ONLY. It is NOT valid on email readings.

If there is no connection - you will not be charged and the call will end.
(the validation of connection is not a time to ask your questions.
This is a time period Vicki provides for free, to you, to verify an accurate psychic connection to you.)

Once the validation of connection time period has ended,
Vicki will ask you if you would like to continue with your reading.

If you feel as though Vicki’s style is not what you are looking for or if for any reason,
you do not want to continue with the reading - decline the offer to proceed.
There are no questions asked and never any hard feelings.
If you choose to go onward and begin to ask your questions, discuss your topics...
you WILL be charged for any and all time used.

If you have paid thru the office for your reading or via Paypal -
and NO PART of the reading has taken place outside of the verification of accurate connection - then
we will refund your fee thru Paypal.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that it may take up to 14 business days for us to process your refund!
This means your refund may not be immediate.

If you choose to go ahead to your reading -
Vicki will tell you the starting time of your reading.

She will say “It is 10:05 AM”
This means charging has been initiated.
Even once your reading has started - you may still stop your reading and you will be charged only for the time used.

AGAIN - if you proceed past the point where Vicki asks if you would like to continue with your reading,
this is when charging begins - you may stop your reading - but after that point, you will be charged for the TIME YOU
have used with Vicki after she stated the starting time of your reading. (You will still not be charged for the
verification/validation portion of the reading)

In fact, at any time thru the reading, you can tell Vicki that you would like to stop the reading and
you will be charged only for the time you have used.

This means - if you called Vicki at 10 AM and the validation process took 6 minutes
and it is now 10:06 AM. Vicki asks “Would you like to continue with your reading?”
You reply yes.
Vicki says “it is now 10:08 AM” - and you decide 13 minutes later,
you have asked all of your questions…or you didn’t get the results you expected or wanted ...
 if you have told Vicki that you would like to stop the reading
… you will be charged for 13 minutes.

If you feel as though you do not understand this policy,
once again, we suggest that this may not be the reading for you.

Before your call with Vicki ends -
Vicki will let you know the amount of time you used
and the dollar amount that will be charged to your Visa/MasterCard
(if you are paying thru our office)
If there is any difference in what you believe to be the time period used
and what Vicki is stating - you must let her know AT THIS TIME.

If you have used Paypal to purchase your reading, this means you have prepaid
- Vicki will never just hang up on you or go silent when the time you have prepaid for has ended.

She will begin to complete the topic/question she is addressing.
This usually takes 2 to 6 minutes. This time will be free to you.
Vicki will always tell you if she is going into more time that will incur further charges.

If you have used Paypal and you feel that you have more questions for Vicki,
you may always purchase more time thru our office using Visa/MasterCard, on the spot,
or the call may end with Vicki, and you can return to Paypal to acquire another reading with Vicki for a later time.



If you feel the need to file a dispute …
and a reading from Vickiveil was in fact provided to you …
we will contest the dispute to the fullest extent.

And a dispute voids any and all confidentiality.

Our office & Psychic Vickiveil attempts to provide you
with the best customer service and psychic readings, possible.

After 16 years of providing professional psychic readings,
we have had a total of 5 disputes filed against our office.
Three of them were actually filed by way of a “online psychic
community” Vicki worked for.

This means in 16 years - our office has directly had 2 disputes.
Even the company that anoints our credit card services to us, remarked on the prestige & honor we should feel.

We feel the reason we have had only 2 disputes filed is because
Vicki has provided the verification of connection process from the very first reading
she ever provided.

As you will see if you choose to have the telephone reading with Vicki…
she makes certain she connects with you…or else the reading does not happen.
We are not able to offer a stop the reading guarantee for email readings.

As of February 4th, 2012, we have decided if a customer requests their fee back,
they have received Vicki’s service and time - we will not hesitate to contest and prove
the legitimacy of the delivery of our services to Visa/MasterCard/Paypal.
Be sure to stop back soon to read the "Vicki Speaking" article on why we decided
to make such strong changes to our dispute policy.


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a connection time period for those who order email readings.

In the past, we provided the validation of connection before hire to those seeking out an email reading.

Regrettably, people from the World Wide Web thought this meant Vicki will answer your questions for free.
We went from receiving 20 to 30 emails per day inquiring about the readings to 80 plus emails.
That was in 2002.

Since Vicki’s appearance in STAR Magazine and other well known facets of the media,
it is not unusual for us to receive 70 plus emails in a days time inquiring about readings.
If we were to offer the free connection process for the email readings,
we expect our 70-ish emails - would grow to double their current size.

And from our calculations, if we were to bring in the extra staff that would be needed to process those emails ,
Vicki’s rate would have to double in price across the board. With the email readings taking the hardest hit.

The 1 question email reading would have to go from $20 to $50.

We are just like any business, we would have to charge our customer a higher rate
in order to hire in a larger staff to manage the freebie seekers emails.


If your email reading has been provided,
and you choose to dispute your fee… all dispute rules will apply.

If a dispute is filed and a reading from Vickiveil was in fact provided to you - we will contest the dispute to the fullest extent.

Disputes void any confidentiality.

Our office and Psychic Vickiveil attempts to provide you with the best customer service and psychic readings, possible.
After 16 years of providing professional psychic readings, we have had a total of 5 disputes filed against our office.

As of February 4th, 2012, we have decided if a customer requests their fee back,
after they have received Vicki’s service and time - we will not hesitate to contest and prove legitimacy
of the delivery of our services to Visa/MasterCard/Paypal.

Copyright ©  2001-2011-2012
All Rights Reserved









Vicki's office is open daily 9 AM Eastern Standard Time to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time
















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