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Party Maids
of Columbus, Ohio

Party Maids of Columbus, Ohio can give you the extra help you need so you can concentrate on the more important details like planning, organizing, hosting, and most importantly, enjoying your own party. We can help in getting the site location ready before the party starts, and also do all the cleaning necessary to get the site back to "normal" after the party is over. We'll take care of all the trash, litter & debris removal, greet guests and hang their coats, and even carefully clean all the dishes for you so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We will also be your party servers during the party! We'll replenish the party platters and hot foods, plate and serve, keep clean plates and paper goods stocked, keep the buffet line clean from food spills, cut and serve the cake, keep the ice bucket filled...whatever you need so you can enjoy your own party, we can do it.

Always attired in black and white, Party Maids of Columbus, Ohio sends out maid teams of 2 or more, depending on the size of your party and your specific needs. Our affordable rates start at $30/hour for a team of 2 maids. Below gives you an idea of how many maids you might need in planning your next party:

You Get
20 - 50
2 maids
51 - 100
3 maids
101 - 150
4 maids
151 - 200
5 maids
201 - 250
6 maids
251 or more
please call
4 hour minimum charge
surcharge for formal attire
1.5% rate after midnight and major holidays

Locally owned and operated in Columbus Ohio, servicing many social events, large and small...and the extra large (1100+ attendees). We take special pride in our work, experience, ability and trustworthiness. Call now to reserve your very own fully trained and highly experienced "party maids". We are always here for you whenever you need us.

Have a truly stress-free party!

Available to serve you any day of the week, even holidays! Call us now at (614) 679-8247 or email us to reserve your party date.

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