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Ohio Valley Bigfoot Research

Thank you for visiting the page of the Ohio Valley Bigfoot Research organization, we are here to investigate the lengendary Bigfoot in ,and around the Ohio valley area.There have been many sightings reported in the state of Ohio for years now, and we are here to try to prove the existence of the alleged creature.We have had great results in the past during our investigations in the Columbiana County area.We need the help of others, by reporting any sightings,or stories they may have regarding the giant creature.We can be contacted by our e-mail below, or by hotline at (330)532-3492.Please feel free to contact us with any information you may have, we are eagerly awaiting your comments!

My Favorite Web Sites/Our Expedition Photos/Vocalization Recordings

We now offer a tape of the vocalization recordings we have collected in our area, for the low cost of $6.00 each, contact us via our E-mail link below to order a copy!

Informative animal sounds for comparison
Information on the Gigantopithicus
Another Home Page
Possible Signs- Pic. 1
Possible Signs- Pic. 2
Tracks found- Pic. 3
Terrain photo- Pic. 4
Terrain photo- Pic. 5
Tracks found- Pic. 6
Terrain photo- Pic. 7
Tracks found- Pic. 8
Tracks found- Pic. 9
Our area sound recording 1 Our area sound recording 2