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It's the Indymedia 500???? Rev your search engines, folks!!! Time to dredge up old articles so we have a subject reference which will educate Indyneophtes. All the same Indynews. None of the spam!! Contribute to the Indyreference revolution. E-mail me news articles which are both informative and responsible citing sources. Or articles should a minimum have darn good ideas, points and or photos!! E-mail me. This isn't second Indymedia, but it will help keep the good articles accessible to people who need it. It's an alternative to swearing 'cause the Indymedia search engine nolonger works and accessing IMC archives leads to pulling out hair. Comment on my site. I am working on getting photos of past protests posted up. This should help people have material to convey the severity of harassment we have encountered as peaceful demonstrators at past protests. I can see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country...corportations have been entroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money of the country will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. --Abraham Lincoln

URL’s on Indymedia archive on s11

  1. “FBI ignored French warning on extremist says radio” wysiwyg://144/
  2. “Willie Brown (San Francisco mayor) Got Low-Key Warning About Air Travel by Phillip Matier, and Andrew Ross
  3. “Spotlight on failed US intelligence” by the BBC News online’s Lars Bevanger and the BBC’s defense correspondent, Jonathan Marcus"
  4. “Bush Did Not Heed Several Warnings of Attacks” by Andrew Gumbel of the Independent (in Britain) weblink: indymedia story:
  5. “US received waring of attacks two hours prior to attacks” An instant messaging firm in Israel recieved warning of attacks two hours beforehand
  6. “Suspicious Trading Points to Advance Knowlege by Big Investors of S11 Attacks by Barry Grey
  7. “Supressed Details of pre-S11 Insider Trading” **Highly recommended. Author is ex-LAPD officer who noticed the LAPD getting more and more infiltrated by CIA. He has done extensive research on the CIA’s involvement in the Iran Contra deal and how it manifested on LA streets as the crack epidemic of the late ‘80s. Thus, he knows well the dirty underbelly of the Republican gov’t and their secret police, the CIA. He did follow up research on article posted on AP newswire concerning the selling of 4,766 United Airlines and American Airlines stocks prior to attacks** weblink:
  8. “Did the CIA/FBI bomb the WTC in ‘93?” - Pacifica station, WBAI in NYC interview” FBI agent provacateur was used within Arab group in NYC in ‘93; encouraged bombing areas in New York. weblink:
  9. “The Underground Railroad for the WTC Bombers Report on heroin running on the streets of NYC and ignored warnings to gov’t of local Islamic community by Dean Loren, Investigative reporter, NYC


    “Believe it or not: Oil of the Middle East- Part 1 by K. Davies **Highly recommended** A well researched report which reveals that Afghanistan is prime location for a pipeline from possibly the last large reserve oil in the world in Kazakhstan. Understanding that there is a trial of slime behind Exxon-Mobile’s wreckless entrepreneur, Bryan Williams. A sordid tale of oil swapping, of the Taliban asking for too much money for deals on pipeline from the United States emerges. A must read for anyone seeking to understand what’s really going on in the Mideast!!


  • “Russina Politician: Terror Attacks in New York and DC Plotted in the USA” Prominent Russian politian gives his opinion on attacks
  • “(Mainstream news account) Book: US Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize US Cities to Provoke War With Cuba” by ABC News A historical precedent for events of s11 having atleast the thumbs up from Washington
  • “Is CIA being behind Terrorist Attacks” Warning!!! Has link to article in French paper. I couldn’t find a translation program
  • “Was Bush Sr. in Business with the Bin Laden Family?”
  • “More on Bush Financial Ties to Bin Laden”
  • “Secret Money” by Alternet Excerpts from book on flow of terrorist money
  • “Dirty Money” by Alternet Excepts from book on flow of terrorist money
  • “Overthrow of the American Republic; Part II” by Sherman H. Skolnik
  • “Pittsburg Plane Cell Phone says “They’re American!” I make claims for this article, pro or con. I am submitting it in case something else more concrete pops up proving or disproving this. Who knows, anymore.


  • “Review of Speech from ex-CIA operative and His Expose of the Inner Workings of Mid East Policy in ‘92” **Highly Recommended** weblink:
  • “The Origins of Overclass” An excellent report on how the CIA running by it’s own rules oversees led to the hightening of tensions in the Arab world. Mentions how the CIA disguised agents as reporters (why reporters were taken hostage). It also tells of how the CIA initiated overthrow of democratically elected leaders, in favor of dictators like the Shah of Iran to grease the wheel for US corporations. A must read!!
  • Overview of CIA’s role in Bin Laden’s rise
    A number of readers note variations in and alterations of press accounts as time progressed 
  • “Conflicting Media Accounts on the possible shooting down of plane over PA; BBC changes story”

  • “CIA worked in tandem with Pakistan to create Taliban”
  • “Bushes Faustian Deal with the Taliban”
  • “Bin Laden, Saudi’s and the US” Article mentions how Bin Laden and the Jihad-Islam domination of the Afghan region was devised to prevent the democratic process from taking hold there. Note that Jello Biafra mentions in his spoken word album, “I Blow Minds for a Living,” how this has been a trend for the United States in many other regions, (Panama, for example). Weblink:
  • “Bin Laden Comes Home to Roost” MSNBC
  • “Conflict of Interest with Bush raises suspicions behind the bombing of Afghanistan”
  • “Unocal and the Afghanistan Natural Gas Pipeline”
  • “Unocal Appointees to Bush Cabinet and other dirt on Dubya and Dubya’s daddy”
  • “New Book! The End of Oil” weblink:
      News groups on the End of Oil
    10. More European newspapers listed at

  • “New Canadian Natural Gas Study Shows Canada is Running on Empty!!!”
  • “The Next Gas Crisis” by Andrew Nikiforuk Aug. 20, 2001
  • “Ingram: Hatred of the United States is Rooted in Oil” by Matthew Ingram Globe and Mail Update
  • “Central Asian Natural Gas Pipeline in Afghanistan is to being pushed by Unocal” by Gotcha Dubya It seems that Dubya wants to invade Afghanistan because Unocal wants to build gas pipeline weblink:
  • “Corruption, Nepotism in Unocal mentioned in article on Clinton corruption” by Chas. R Smith
    3. (sponsors oil watch, UK based).

    4. “Mainstream Press account of author linking Bush family to Nazis” 11/11/00 Staff report by Herald-Tribune in Florida
      “Detailed account of Bush family and their funding of Hitler” **Highly recommended, well researched, & documented report** 7652a weblink:
      “Tale of Two Bushes”
      PREVIOUS QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOR BY FBI IN OTHER INVESTIGATIONS I still have on tape a NPR report of how the prosecution in the Oklahoma City bombing was charged with tampering with evidence to sway the case “in favor of the prosecution.
    5. “The Oklahoma City Investigation: A Sick $89 Million Joke”
    6. “Oklahoma City Bombings---Split in FBI?”
    7. “Secret History of Airplane Sabotage, Part I by Sherman Skolnick
    8. “Secret History of Airplane Sabotage, Part II by Sherman Skolnick
      EFFECTS OF THE ATTACK ON CIVIL LIBERTIES (and internet freedom)
    9. “Bush Sr.; “Limiting and Controlling Internet” by Belgian writer
    10. “Privacy Advocates Fear Trade-Off for Security by Mike Snider
    11. “The W3C, is secretly trying to patent “standards,” thus attempting to kill open source software development” Unrelated related article worth posting. Or is it unrelated. The attacks do open the window for all sorts of draconian measures to be taken against cyber freedom and civil liberties. Is this not just another attemptive nail in the coffin. This has an action alert in it, I feel too important to discount.
    12. “Civil Liberties Already Vanishing” by Washington Post Fri. Sept 14th ‘01
    13. “Congress Prepares to Hand Fast-Track Trade Powers to Bush” Sept 14th, 2001
    14. “The New US Office of Homeland Security has ominous precedent and sinister potential”
    15. “Parallels to WTC disaster and the Reichstag fire used as trick to instate police state” Encyclopedia Britannica Micropedia, Vol 9 (1987) 15th Ed
    16. “Aryan Nations having access to anthrax”
    17. “Historical Precedents; Facists in Italy created fear of outside chemical weapons attacks before they used them on their own people”
    18. “US Rejects Germ Warfare Plan” BBC
      ARTICLES ON OTHER ASPECTS OF S11 “Is there anyone with more information on these news reports”
    19. “How Hard is it to Fly an Airliner?” by the BBC
    20. “An Alternative Theory of What Happened at the WTC” I personally, don't think some of the thesises here are likely, however other data in article is pertinent (clean up crew being used on WTC building).
    21. “CBS news reports Bush Sharing Missle defense secrets to China, and telling China that the US doesn’t object to them increasing their nuclear arsenal. This report is dated Sept 2, 2001”,1597,309326-412,00.shtml