Copper steampunk pendant. $3

Bronze steampunk pendant. $3

Have a lot of these, some painted partially, others plain. $1 each

Have a lot of these, some painted partially, others plain. $1 each

Cross shape about 5" tall. $1

Used this shape to paint Finnish coat of arms. $1

Small horse. $1

Have a lot of these, some painted partially, others plain. $1 each

Dala horse shape, $2

Flags, Norwegian. Can easily be painted over to represent Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Aland, or Faroes. $2

Pine trees, most painted green. 2for $1

Viking ship shape. $3

All sizes of pin backs, mostly silver. $3

Assorted tie bars. $2

Dainty settings for 8x10 cabs, gold and silver. $2

Various fancy extenders. $2

Gold ear wire for pierced. $3

Gold bolo slides. $2

Gold tie tacs in pkg. $2

Gold up eyes. $3

Green pins for tacs. $1

Assorted larger settings. $1

Settings for 25x18 cabs, gold colored screw on earrings. $1

Oval cufflink mountings. $1

Pin backs, gold and silver. $2

Green fabric and plastic flower parts. $1

Silver bolo slides. $2

Tie tacs. $3

Hardware for hanging placques, etc. $1

Black hats for miniature crafts. $1

At least 25 carved wooden apples for craftwork. $4.50

Glass for crafting. $3

Craft eyes of many sizes. $1

Four miniature thermometers for craft work. $1

Spectacles for dolls. $1

Four night lights. $1

Ballerinas. $1

Metal candle holders, gold and silver colored. $1

Plastic deer. $1

Houses and churches for miniature Christmas village. $1.50

About a pint and a half of brilliant red crush glass for craft work. I've photographed it through a bag so you can't see its brilliance so well but it's really nice stuff. $ 1

Really neat swordfish. Plastic. $1

Pieces of turquoise in various forms: nuggets, slices, reconstituted beads, cabs. $2

Collection of metal miniatures. $3

Small India bells. $1

Heart shaped metal blanks for jewelry making or engraving. $2.50

Retro table legs. $6. I have a few sets of these.

Gold colored pierced earwire. $2

Ruby cullet pendant. $3

Carnelian posts. $2

Dainty garnet pendants. $5

Malachite in gold colored setting. 25x18. $7

White bead earrings. $1

Mother of pearl friendship ring. $2

Genuine faceted amethyst earrings and necklace. $5

Tie tacs made of cats eye shells. $3

Handmade resin brooch. $2

Peridot earrings. Pierced. $2

Swedish flag pin. $4

Agate tie clip. Stripes. $2.50

Orange bead earrings. Ceramic. Pierced earwire. $2

Double orange earrings. Ceramic. $2

Abalone triplet, ready to hang. 25x18. $2

Rhinestone sweetheart pin. $1

Maroon glass bead pendant, ready to hang. $1

White opaline bracelet in silver colored set. $4

Opal in resin brooch. $4

Paua shell earrings. $4

Plume agate buckle with lavender, red and gold tones. $10

Paua shell buckle. Six liberty dimes. $12

There is a flaw in the rainforest jasper stone in this buckle but it's still striking. $5

Interesting tan picture jasper. $10

Paua shell in bright gold butterfly brooch. $5

Tiger eye from Africa set in delicate circlet. Slight flaw in stone. $3

Montana moss agate with bola tie finding on back. $2

amber bead (opaque): Amber is actually petrified tree sap or resin. It is a soft organic stone. Its warm color lends itself well to ethnic jewelry. The bead is 1�x3/4� and is ready for hanging on a chain. $3

sparkly earrings: Abalone embedded in resin with red sparkles. A showy, striking piece of costume jewelry. $3.50

Malachite posts. $2

Carnelian posts. $2

Goldstone posts. $2


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