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"Individuality of expression is the beginning and the end of all art". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The above quote is a "Western" expression of art. Other cultures may see art as more of a communal obligation. What do you think?

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Nobody asks about the origin of the name of my little publishing company but I think I will tell you anyway. It is appropriate because the major portion of my website is devoted to rocks and minerals. Rök, however, means "smoke" in Swedish, and is the place name of my great grandmother's church parish in Östergötland. It is also the site of one of the most famous runestones in all of Sweden, which was used, sometime in the early Christian era, as a building block for the church.

A few of my writings that I share online. I will be adding more.

Susannah Chapter One

Susannah Chapter Two

My Dad's War Story

Broken Arm

Obsidian the See Through Rock

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Duotrope's Digest

free love poems

Bella Online The Voice of Women

Rök Press publications

THE WIND BLOWS STRONG by Luella Tangborn Hoff

This book of memoirs will take you back to the forties, the days of war rationing, jazz, and the big bands. The story of a young woman's move from a small farm in northern Minnesota to the glamorous, fast paced city of Chicago. The story of an era, a place, and its people. Several pages of historic photos. $10.50

WHERE THE CORN GROWS TALL by Luella Tangborn Hoff

Childhood memories of Iowa. $8.50

Times I Would Rather Forget by Luella Tangborn Hoff

The Great Depression and World War II. One person's recollections of the darkest era of the twentieth century. $8.50


by Olivia Hoff

These comic plays tell the story of Aardahl, a small country church that suffers from chronic financial problems and is constantly harassed by the mob. Cast of characters include Norwegians, sweethearts, and gangsters. $10.50 each.





The Time of Fright Is Past

by Olivia Hoff

Twenty six poems. $8.50


Landscapes and sketches by Jennie Marie Oase Tangborn, a Minnesota artist. $10.50


Old time recipes and pictures from the life of the woman who collected them. Historical photos. $8.50


Fifteen proven ways to satisfy a sweet tooth. $8.50

THE WEE EVACUEE by Gordon Turner

At the age of five I was torn away from my mother, father, brothers and sisters, and the family home in Leeds, Yorkshire, and put on a bus going to the railway station. All the children were being evacuated to country villages in case the Germans bombed the city. I had a small bag with a change of clothes, a gas mask slung round my neck, and a label pinned on my coat with my name on. We were herded onto a railway train pulled by a huge, noisy, and frightening steam engine. My first time out of the city, sick with fear, tearful leaving the family, where was I going?, would I ever see them again? Another railway station, then a big hall, strange people, cold weak tea and dry biscuits. We were told things I did not understand. Bewildered and frightened, I was herded into a small group and put on another bus. At a school hall, in a small village, about thirty children were paraded before a group of villagers like cattle on market day. Most of the children were aged nine to fourteen. I was the smallest and youngest at five. One by one the children were chosen by the village people until I was the only one left, no more villagers, they had all departed with their chosen evacuee....no one wanted me and I was alone.

A heartwarming memoir detailing one of World War II's lesser known stories, that of the evacuation of a half million people, mostly children, to the English countryside. This is a vivid firsthand account of a country under attack, and written from the viewpoint of a child. Much history, many photos. Comb bound. $12.50


A church history with a different twist. The story of Aardahl Lutheran Church, by a writer who likes to dig up and dish up the dirt. The lowdown on angels and devils and everyone in between. Lots of historical photos. Lots of things you didn't need to know. Comb bound. $13.50

JOB by Arlen Stensland

Some good winter reading material. Curl up by the fire with this commentary on the book of Job. 70 pages of text, all in Malagasy, plus some really interesting photos. $14.50

UNDER FIRE by Wayne Hoff

Wayne Hoff Under Fire

Piano music in various styles...classical, romantic, ragtime, jazz, more...

CD $12.50 cassette $10.50


Eighteenth Cousin To The King

Wayne Hoff's second recording. A new look at some old tunes. Scandinavian. This recording was made possible in part by a Region 2 Individual Artist Grant, funded by the McKnight Foundation.

CD $15.50 cassette $10.50

For more information on "Under Fire" and "Eighteenth Cousin to the King", CLICK HERE

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