Quartz crystal with phantom. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sand-calcite crystals. Rattlesnake Butte, South Dakota

Pyrite crystals. Climax, Colorado

Brazil agates

Wavellite. Magnet Cove, Arkansas


Dolomite pyramids. Oklahoma

Crocoite crystals. Dundas, Tasmania

Chrysocolla and quartz. Bisbee, Arizona

Stilbite crystals. West Paterson, New Jersey

Galena crystal and ruby zinc crystals on limestone. Galena, Kansas

Calcite crystal. North Vernon, Indiana

Wire and crystal gold in calcite. Swank Mine, Washington

Pyrolusite. L'Anse, Michigan

Linarite, malachite, fluorite and quartz. Bingham, New Mexico

Agatized coral geodes. Miocene period. Tampa Bay, Florida

Fluorite crystals. Rosiclare, Illinois

Geodes. Illinois

Petoskey stone. Traverse City, Michigan

Thomsonite. Grand Marais, Minnesota

White feldspar caps on amazonstone crystals with smokey quartz crystals. Crystal peak, Colorado

Tourmaline crystals. Mesa Grande, California

Lake Superior agates. Upper Great Lakes

Quartz crystals and marcasite on rhodocrosite crystals. Butte, Montana

Mexican Agate Cross (Coyamito Fields)

These images are from postcards, which are not for sale.


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